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25 Sep 2012

Lawn Care Maintenance in Florida Can Be Challenged by the Southern Chinch Bug

The most challenging insects with St Augustine grass in Florida are Southern Chinch bugs. They cause large brown patches on lawns, poison root systems, and kill grass. More bad news is that they are increasing in population and becoming resistant to many grass pesticides. This makes lawn care maintenance even more of a headache.


18 Sep 2012

Two of the Biggest Gardening Mistakes – Incorrect Lawn Mowing and Over Watering

Knowledge is not hereditary – we learn as we go. This is particularly true when it comes to lawn care. If you have little or no gardening experience, you’re bound to make a few errors along the way. In this article, we’ll discuss two of the most common mistakes – over watering and incorrect lawn mowing.



11 Sep 2012

Good Reasons to Use Our Professional Lawn Service

You probably know that just mowing your grass isn’t enough to get a beautiful, durable lawn. If you leave grass unmaintained, weeds will steadily encroach and take over. Your lawn will soon look like an untidy eyesore. The longer you ignore it, the more difficult it will be to restore to its former glory.

DIY lawn care products are often so strong that they actually kill grass, or they do nothing at all. So, why not consider using a professional lawn service like us? We’ll take care of your lawn from top to roots, leaving you free to enjoy your garden day in and day out. We can offer you a flexible and affordable solution to having a perfect lawn.READ MORE

04 Sep 2012

Lawn Care Advice for Newly Planted Grass

Because soil is the main foundation of newly planted grass and it contains organisms that the grass will draw nutrients from, the first criteria of lawn care is to have high quality soil. It must be rich in fertilizer and lime, both of which should be applied at least 2 – 4 inches into the soil to have maximum effect.

It’s also very important to prepare the soil before planting grass seeds because it can take from 8 – 12 weeks for the lime to raise the pH level of the soil to create an alkaline environment that encourages growth.