Lakeland, FL home with a newly invigorated lawn.

Lawn Care in Lakeland, FL – Now’s the Time to Invigorate Your Grass

If you’re thinking about planting new grass or rejuvenating your existing lawn, there are some lawn care basics that you should know about. When seeding in the Lakeland area of Florida, the following information will help.

Fall (which is just around the corner) is the best time to rejuvenate an existing lawn or plant new grass. Grasses are generally grouped as “cool” or “warm” season, based on their optimal growth temperatures.

Usually, it’s best to plant “warm” season grasses such as Centipede, Bermuda, St Augustine, and Zoysia in Florida because they grow best at temperatures above 80 degrees F.

When seeding a new lawn, you will need:

  • High quality seed
  • Fertilizer, compost, mulch, and lime or sulfur
  • A roller, spreader, rake, rototiller, and shovel
  • Water sprinkler

Step 1: Amend the soil

Home owner amending the soil in his yard.

Step 2: Rake

Soil being raked.

Step 3: Sow the seed

Step 4: Water and mulch

Newly Seeded Lawn Care Tips:

  • When the grass has reached one-third of its desired height, mow with a sharp-bladed mower.
  • Don’t use weed-and-feed fertilizer – it may damage the new sprouts.
  • For dry climates, choose grasses that need less water, such as tall Fescues, Buffalo, or Bermuda.
  • Over-seed “warm” season Zoysia or Bermuda lawns with perennial ryegrass in mid-October for fast germination. You’ll have a nice winter lawn while the permanent grass lies dormant.

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