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Winter Lawn Care Tips for Homes in Florida

During the fall, Florida lawn care companies perform fertilization treatments to keep grass healthy in the winter months. Before cold snaps arrive, well fertilized lawns have healthy root systems and will have stored food reserves to enable them to cope with temperature changes. The growth patterns for grass change from summer to winter around the end of September and early October. Some grasses turn brown and seem to die during winter, and some grasses die altogether. Unfortunately, this is an ideal time for weeds to take over. If you had a pre-emergent weed control product applied during the fall, the amount of weeds that grow in winter will be significantly reduced. But if some develop, the best defense is to probably pull them out by hand. If, however, they become a major problem, a lawn care expert can help deal with them. Continue mowing and watering your lawn during winter but cut back the frequency of both these activities. Most lawns need ¾ inch of water every 7 to 10 days in the chilly months. The general rule of thumb for mowing in winter is every other week. Remember that winter is a time for lawns to recuperate. Maintaining them properly in winter makes them more resistant to summer stresses. Regardless of your location, winter is a great time to improve the heartiness and overall health of your lawn. If you live in the Lakeland area of Florida, visit for more info about winter lawn care and weed control.

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