When it comes to landscaping, your yard is more than just a patch of grass. In many cases, it is the first impression visitors get of you and your family. It is your face to the world, displaying your tastes and personality.

We at Creative Edge Landscape understand the importance of a beautifully landscaped yard and what it can mean for you. Whether it’s a place of escape or a showcase, here are some tips you can follow to make your yard a landscaping statement:

  • Provide year-round interest. Make sure there’s something of interest going on in your yard in each of the four seasons. It doesn’t always have to be a flowering plant. It could be the color of the foliage or the shape of a bare tree.
  • Use annuals as a supplement to perennial plantings. Perennials only bloom so long, but annuals can be added as their color grows.
  • Layer your flowerbeds. Plant them with the tallest in back, then mid-height to shortest.
  • Use hardscape to give your yard a more finished look. This can be achieved by incorporating walkways, fencing, patios and decks, or walls in the overall design.
  • Think about installing a water feature – a fountain, pond, or waterfall – as a focal point.
  • Use drought-resistant plants to decrease the worry of summertime wilt. Even with Florida’s afternoon and evening thunderstorms, summer can be a challenge to many plants.
  • Fit the plant to the space. Take care in selecting the right plant that won’t overwhelm the area where it is planted.

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