Lawn mowing sounds as though it’s the easiest thing in the world – something that you think even a kid can do. In actual fact, there’s a right way and a wrong way to mow. But, if you follow the guidelines below, your lawn will be more attractive and healthier.

  • Only cut the grass by one-third of its height. If it is 5 inches high, take a little more than one inch off. The perfect lawn height is 3 – 4.5 inches. This might sound long, but it allows the roots to grow deeper.
  • Ensure the mower blades are sharp. Sharp blades facilitate a clean cut through the grass. Blunt blades tear grass in jagged chunks, causing the lawn to turn brown.
  • Lawn mowing is best in dry, but not scorching, hot weather. If you mow wet grass, it tends to clump – this forces the blades to work harder. Mowing at the hottest time of the day exposes the lawn to excessive heat, putting it at risk of serious damage.
  • Don’t bag the clippings every time you do lawn mowing. Let the clippings stay on the grass to act as mulch and feed vital nutrients back in the lawn. Do this every third time you mow.
  • When lawn mowing, don’t use the same pattern. Alternate the cutting pattern to ensure that wheel ruts don’t get ingrained in the lawn.
  • Don’t over-fertilize. Unless invasive weeds have taken over, it’s generally not necessary to use any chemicals. Over-fertilizing can make root systems shallow, making them hard to maintain. If you cut and mulch properly, your lawn shouldn’t need much fertilizer.

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