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Rider mower in the large front yard of a Lakeland, FL homeowner.
As one of the leading lawn service providers in the Lakeland area of Florida, we can develop a program tailored to the specific challenges of your lawn. We only apply treatments that your lawn requires. And, we use the best products in the industry. You’ll see dramatic improvements in a short time. Our Reputation and Experience We’ve been in the lawn service business for almost 10 years and are proud of the reputation we have built. Plus,
Lakeland, FL home with a newly invigorated lawn.
If you’re thinking about planting new grass or rejuvenating your existing lawn, there are some lawn care basics that you should know about. When seeding in the Lakeland area of Florida, the following information will help.Fall (which is just around the corner) is the best time to rejuvenate an existing lawn or plant new grass. Grasses are generally grouped as “cool” or “warm” season, based on their optimal growth temperatures.Usually, it’s best to plant “warm”
Healthy grass blades.
The most challenging insects with St Augustine grass in Florida are Southern Chinch bugs. They cause large brown patches on lawns, poison root systems, and kill grass. More bad news is that they are increasing in population and becoming resistant to many grass pesticides. This makes lawn care maintenance even more of a headache.This is what Chinch bugs look like:And here’s an example of the damage they can cause:Chinch bugs are attracted by thick mats of grass
Irrigation sprinkler head that has been activated to water a lawn.
Knowledge is not hereditary – we learn as we go. This is particularly true when it comes to lawn care. If you have little or no gardening experience, you’re bound to make a few errors along the way. In this article, we’ll discuss two of the most common mistakes – over watering and incorrect lawn mowing. Lawn Mowing A blunt blade will actually tear or rip grass blades instead of giving a clean, even cut. The tearing
Lawn maintaned by Creative Edge Landscape & Lawn Care LLC.
You probably know that, when it comes to lawn service, just mowing your grass isn’t enough to get a beautiful, durable lawn. If you leave grass unmaintained, weeds will steadily encroach and take over. Your lawn will soon look like an untidy eyesore. The longer you ignore it, the more difficult it will be to restore to its former glory. DIY lawn care products are often so strong that they actually kill grass, or they

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