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Irrigation sprinkler head that has been activated to water a lawn.
Knowledge is not hereditary – we learn as we go. This is particularly true when it comes to lawn care. If you have little or no gardening experience, you’re bound to make a few errors along the way. In this article, we’ll discuss two of the most common mistakes – over watering and incorrect lawn mowing. Lawn Mowing A blunt blade will actually tear or rip grass blades instead of giving a clean, even cut. The tearing
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You probably know that, when it comes to lawn service, just mowing your grass isn’t enough to get a beautiful, durable lawn. If you leave grass unmaintained, weeds will steadily encroach and take over. Your lawn will soon look like an untidy eyesore. The longer you ignore it, the more difficult it will be to restore to its former glory. DIY lawn care products are often so strong that they actually kill grass, or they
Front lawn of a modern Victorian home.

Lawn Care Advice for Newly Planted Grass

Posted on September 4, 2012
Because soil is the main foundation of newly planted grass and it contains organisms that the grass will draw nutrients from, the first criteria of lawn care is to have high quality soil. It must be rich in fertilizer and lime, both of which should be applied at least 2 – 4 inches into the soil to have maximum effect. It’s also very important to prepare the soil before planting grass seeds because it can take from
Grass blade with dew drops on it.
Lawn care maintenance involves many elements that include mowing, thatch control, fertilizing and irrigation to produce a healthy, high-quality, dense lawn. One aspect that’s often overlooked by homeowners is the importance of good mowing techniques. Mowing greatly influences lawn uniformity, density and aesthetic appeal. Grass can be mowed frequently, as long as no more than one third of the blade is removed in a single session. Also, mow as high as possible – low mowing makes

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