Are you the type of go-getter who tackles things head-on and successfully completes DIY projects around the house? If that is the case, allow us to caution you against attempting to remove tree stumps on your own. At Creative Edge Landscape & Lawn Care LLC, we have seen it all over the years — and based on our experiences, we can assure you that it is not a job homeowners should attempt to complete on their own.

Removing tree stumps is not as straightforward as one might assume. It is a complex and time-consuming project that requires sophisticated equipment that only the professionals have. Not to mention, this project can be quite hazardous for individuals who do not have any training or prior experience.

Below, this stump removal company in Auburndale, Florida is going to discuss some of the risks associated with removing tree stumps on your own.

Underground Concerns

When it comes to removing tree stumps, the underground issue is one that no one warns you about but can get you in a lot of trouble. 

The underground is built using complex water pipes with a high risk of bursting if you attempt to remove the stump on your own. They are certainly non-hazardous, but they can flood your backyard in seconds. There are also gas lines located underground which can create fire hazards and lead to electrocution. If you do not partner with a professional stump removal company in Auburndale, Florida, keep in mind that the roots of these trees are often far deeper than you would expect. The roots can reach farther and get entangled with these pipes.

The Actual Removal

Let’s assume that you have succeeded in protecting your underground and are now ready to remove the stump. Have you given any thought to the equipment you might need now that you have decided to go for it? Or how much time it would take if you used your usual assortment of handy tools?

When you research the correct way to remove a tree stump, you will realize that professional stump removal companies in Auburndale, Florida have access to highly specialized equipment. Additionally, the professionals have all the necessary training to operate the equipment safely. Attempting to operate this type of machinery without the proper training is asking for trouble and should be avoided at all costs.

Stumps are Not Simple to Remove

Tree stump removal may look like a simple job, but it is not. There is an extensive root system running deep down. Not all root systems get intertwined with underground pipes. However, it is a risk we do not recommend.

Final Thoughts

Tree stump removal is certainly a laborious task that raises many red flags. Therefore, we strongly advise you against carrying it out on your own. It is in your best interest to leave these types of jobs up to a professional stump removal company in Auburndale, Florida. Never put your own safety at risk — instead, you should seek the assistance of tree experts to get the job done right.

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