Knowledge is not hereditary – we learn as we go. This is particularly true when it comes to lawn care. If you have little or no gardening experience, you’re bound to make a few errors along the way. In this article, we’ll discuss two of the most common mistakes – over watering and incorrect lawn mowing.

Lawn Mowing

A blunt blade will actually tear or rip grass blades instead of giving a clean, even cut. The tearing or ripping of plant tissue creates an ideal breeding ground for lawn disease and other problems. Another common lawn mowing error is cutting grass too short. This mistake creates an environment that encourages weeds and increases heat stress during hot or dry periods, making the lawn susceptible to disease and insects.

Lawn Mowing Solutions

  • At the start of the growing season, have the blades sharpened. If you live in a climate where lawn mowing is a year-long activity, check the blades every few months to make sure they are sharp.
  • Set the blades to a height that can’t cut more than a third of the grass. This makes the roots stronger.


Water is essential for every form of life – too much and we drown, too little and we die. The same applies to lawns. According to The Lawn Institute website,  more lawns are destroyed or damaged by over watering than under watering.

For an established lawn, 1 inch per week is the standard water requirement, although this varies according to grass species. Varying water requirements will also apply for seasonal changes and different types of soil.

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