Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Lawn mowing & maintenance for businesses located in Lakeland, Plant City, and Auburndale, FL

Creative Edge Landscape & Lawn Care LLC offers full commercial lawn maintenance for businesses in Lakeland, Auburndale, & Plant City, FL

No matter the size of your property, our grounds keeping team will help your lawn and landscaping to thrive.

Pathway on corporate property that is maintained by Creative Edge Landscape & Lawn Car.

Since 2002, Creative Edge Landscape & Lawn Care, LLC has been providing expert grounds keeping services for businesses in the Lakeland, Plant City, and Auburndale, FL communities, with full-service commercial lawn maintenance by our professional team using top-of-the-line equipment.

Whether it is large or small, our grounds keeping services will keep up the appearance of your company’s property by helping your lawn and landscaping to thrive.

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Our commercial lawn maintenance and landscaping services are offered throughout the entire year.

Florida’s weather allows your grass to grow for longer segments of the year than in other states. Over the course of a year, we provide commercial properties a total of 40-42 mowing sessions with weekly visits by our team from April through October and bi-weekly sessions performed November through March.

Our full-service commercial lawn maintenance entails the following landscaping services:

  • Lawn mowing
  • String trimming
  • Edging
  • Blowing
Well-shaped and maintained shrubs on commercial grounds in Lakeland.

Consistent Schedule With Proper Mowing for a Thriving Lawn

The appearance of your company’s grounds is the first impression you will make on your customers and clients. Maintaining curb appeal is a key element to making a lasting impact. At Creative Edge Landscape & Lawn, LLC, we help your lawn thrive by providing a consistent lawn service schedule that includes mowing at the proper height and alternating the mowing patterns.

The One-Third Rule: Mowing at the Proper Height

When it comes to making sure that the lawn of your business is cut to the proper height, we follow the one-third rule. We trim just one-third of your lawn’s height at each mowing session.

Trimming one-third of your lawn’s height leads to:

  • More light and nutrients reaching the roots of the grass
  • A fuller, lusher lawn
  • A healthier lawn that is better at repelling both lawn diseases and pests
In the Lakeland area, commercial properties can expect to see a variety of local grasses, including St. Augustine, Bahiagrass, Zoysia, and Bermuda. Our experts are skilled in identifying and understanding the needs of each type of grass.

Lawn Mowing Consistently

Weather permitting, we make sure to schedule your lawn mowing sessions on the same day every week. This ensures that we both provide a reliable service for your company and that your lawn’s growth is controlled.

Alternating Mowing Patterns

At every session, we switch the pattern of the mowing. Why do we do this? Going the same path every time can cause your grass to lean in one direction and wheel marks can cause permanent indentations in your lawn, which is not appealing.

Our alternating patterns keep your grass upright and leave no marks on the property.
Well-maintained commercial grounds in Aurburndale, FL.

Additional tasks you can expect with your commercial grounds maintenance service

Well maintained grounds lead to stunning curb appeal. Simply mowing the lawn of your grounds isn’t enough to achieve the stunning curb appeal that leads to a great first impression of your business.

That is why we perform additional tasks during your commercial grounds maintenance service that enhances the appearance of your commercial property. These tasks are:

String trimming: String trimming is performed around areas that are difficult for a mower to reach. At the bottom of fences, around the base of trees, and other areas are the main places where we perform string trimming.
Edging: We edge around all your hardscaping. From sidewalks and driveways to parking lots, edging creates a uniform appearance that reaches from corner to corner on your property. The overall effect is a clean, refined appearance.
Blowing: At the end of your mowing session, we make sure to remove any grass clippings from sight. We blow all the trimmings onto the lawn, which assists in adding nutrients back into the lawn while leaving your property clean and clear.
Closeup of one of our string trimmers in action in Plant City.

Landscape Design for Commercial Grounds

Professional landscape design for your commercial property has never been easier! With Creative Edge Landscape & Lawn, LLC at the helm, your commercial grounds landscaping will be second to none.

Our experts use 3D landscape design software called PRO Landscape to create stunning, unique, renderings. These 3D renderings are capable of showcasing daytime and nighttime views of your Auburndale, Lakeland, or Plant City commercial property.

We design landscaping that will stand the test of time. During our process, we ensure you are left with a design that will compliment your property.

The design phase is carefully carried out and meticulously planned to enhance your property from edge to edge. We combine our knowledge of local plants and our design skills by utilizing principles such as balance, focal point, and contrast. Following these principles of design, we create landscaping that enhances your commercial grounds.

Integrating Popular Local Plants To Your Commercial Grounds Landscaping

We work 1:1 with customers to select and integrate palms, shrubs, and landscaping plants that are popular in the communities of Lakeland, Auburndale, and Plant City. Our methods of integration create a stunning exterior appeal to your commercial grounds.

Creative Edge Landscape & Lawn Care, LLC provides a six-month guarantee on all plants placed in the customer’s landscape installation if the landscape is designed and installed exclusively by our team.

Commercial Grounds Tree Services

Does your commercial property have trees? Our professional services include tree trimming, tree pruning, and tree removal 365 days a year.

Trees require a skilled hand and a trained eye for proper care. If you want to maintain healthy, vibrant tree growth, you should consider professional tree services from Creative Edge Landscape & Lawn Care, LLC.

A property with healthy trees sends an inviting signal to visitors. This is why we offer tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, and even pre-emptive tree services for your commercial grounds.

How Tree Trimming Benefits Your Commercial Property

Tree trimming enhances the aesthetics of your property. With our tree trimming services we make sure your trees look manicured in order to keep up the overall appearance of your property. Your customers are immediately influenced by the appearance of your grounds. The cleaner and more maintained your exterior appears, the more it can reflect on the operations of your facility.

The Benefits of Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is essential for the health and growth of the trees on your commercial property. Tree pruning enables your tree to grow strong and full. It also helps your trees soak up sunlight and water better.

Tree pruning is essential and needs to be performed by professionals who know when to prune and what to prune on your foliage. When trees are pruned improperly, the result is damaged or even dying trees.

At Creative Edge Lawn & Landscaping, LLC our experts are experienced with trees local to the Lakeland, Plant City, and Auburndale region. And so, you can rest assured that your trees and plants are properly cared for from day one. 

Tree Removal To Protect From Damaged Property & Personal Injuries

Dead or dying trees pose a threat to your property and customers if they are left unmaintained. They can pose a risk of damaging your building exterior or even pose a threat of injury to people.

Tree removal needs to be performed by professionals who have experience with removing trees. Our experts follow procedures that carefully remove the dead or damaged limbs, which will result in a safe and thriving environment for your property.

Pre-emptive Tree Services

Lakeland, Plant City, and Auburndale are note strangers to severe storm damage. At Creative Edge Lawn & Landscaping, LLC we offer preemptive tree services so that your risk of damage from severe weather or hurricanes is minimal. Preemptive tree services include

  • Removal of dead or dying limbs
  • Tree removal
  • Trimming branches to clear room around vulnerable structures
Our team members have years of experience in providing tree services to both residential and commercial properties. Our company is licensed and insured, providing risk-free services you can rely on!

Hardscapes for Commercial Properties

Hardscapes are a great compliment to landscaping for your commercial property. Hardscaping adds texture and focal points that help draw customers and clients to your property. At Creative Edge Lawn & Landscaping, LLC we are proud to offer a huge variety of hardscaping options, including:
  • Custom walkways
  • Patios
  • Fire pits and fireplaces
  • Retaining and seating walls

Custom built with materials that make your property stand out

Customers work 1:1 with our designers to create unique hardscaping for commercial properties. We offer flagstone, brick, and concrete pavers, depending on the design and style you are looking for.

Concrete pavers are versatile and easy to maintain. Flagstones can offer beautiful and intricate designs, but they tend to cost more due to excavation and transportation. Brick offers a timeless look with many design options,  though you will spend more time on maintenance and cleaning.

3D Designed Hardscaping Enhances Your Commercial Space

Our professional 3D software, our design expertise, and your imagination are the foundation of creating your perfect commercial space. The software we use enables us to design and render the elements to your liking and to fit your business.

Some businesses that are enhanced by 3D hardscaping design can include:

  • Restaurants or bars with outdoor areas that include patios or fire pits
  • Strip malls or outdoor promenades with decorative walkways and seating or retaining walls

Enhance your space today and see the transformation of your commercial property by Creative Edge Landscaping & Lawn Care, LLC.

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At Creative Edge Landscape & Lawn Care, LLC, we provide service that is reliable, high quality, and that is fully licensed and insured. Our team is composed of landscaping experts using high-end equipment.

Our commercial grounds maintenance is available to businesses with commercial grounds of all sizes in the Lakeland, Plant City, and Auburndale, FL area.

If you need routine upkeep for your commercial property, look no further! Give us a call today at (863) 812-5968 and set up a consultation for your services quote. Let us create your perfect curb appeal today!