Lawn Care 101: How to Stop the Neighborhood Dogs Using Your Grass as a Toilet

Unsightly brown patches because of unrestrained dogs urinating on your lush grass are annoying, especially if you’re fastidious about lawn care. Also, feces can transmit disease and parasites. Preventing the neighborhood dogs from using your lawn as a toilet isn’t as difficult or as expensive as you may think.

There are a number of safe, harmless techniques to create a long-lasting impression on dogs.

  • Method 1: Spray your lawn with a mixture of vinegar, black pepper, or cayenne pepper with water (three parts water, one part ingredient). If you choose cayenne pepper, crush it and only use the juice. Spray the lawn regularly, so that its effectiveness doesn’t wear off.
  • Method 2: While the dog is in the act, use a noise-maker, or yell loudly, or spray a water hose. The secret is to do this while the dog is urinating or defecating. It will be stopped in its tracks.
  • Method 3: Have a motion sprinkler installed. When it senses movement on the lawn, it will spray a quick burst of water over a large portion of your yard. The dog will definitely be deterred.
  • Method 4: Have a barrier fence installed between the roaming dogs and your lawn. While this may be costly, it is by far the most effective way of preventing dogs from ruining your lawn care efforts. If you have a neighborhood association, find out what types of fences are permitted.

TIP: To treat dog urine stains on grass, use a soil activator to eliminate toxins from the urine, then rake the affected area and cover it with compost.

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