First We’ll Cut Down the Tree – Safely

Does your lawn have a tree that simply needs to go? While the right tree can really bring your yard together, as time passes, the tree may grow much larger than you realized, or even die. Depending on the size and position of your tree, you may be risking serious damage to your home. If you’re concerned that one of your trees is growing out of control, Creative Edge can help. We offer fully comprehensive tree removal services in Lakeland and the rest of Central Florida.

There’s no one-size-fits-all method for tree removal, as there are a wide variety of trees that flourish here in Lakeland and the surrounding areas. Before we actually cut the tree down, our professional tree removal team will evaluate your tree, including its size and its position relative to your home. Tree removal can be tricky, but we have the skills and experience needed to make the process quick and easy. We’ll devise a plan to cut down the tree without risking damage to your house or your landscaping.

Then We’ll Remove the Tree and Debris – and Grind Away the Stump

We’re committed to leaving your lawn looking much better than we found it. Once the tree has been cut down, our team members will remove the log and any branches or debris. Some tree removal teams leave the stumps behind for you to deal with, but we will grind down any remaining tree stumps, leaving your lawn ready for a fresh start.

Don’t let unwanted trees or stumps dominate your lawn! Contact Creative Edge for your free tree removal quote today.

Why choose Creative Edge?

  We don’t use laborers – only trained and experienced climbers

  We have all necessary equipment, including bucket trucks, lifts, and cranes are at our disposal

  We offer a pre-hurricane / storm season preparation service to remove all dead or questionable limbs.  We also offer a post-hurricane / storm cleans up service

For all your tree care needs, call Creative Edge!