Why Remove a Tree Limb?

The right tree can be the cornerstone of a perfect yard, but sometimes tree branches start growing out of control. If one or more of your large to medium tree limbs is starting to get out of hand, removing it may be the best choice for your tree, your yard, and your home.

There are many reasons a tree limb may require removal. If the limb gets diseased or starts to die, it will have to be removed to save the rest of the tree. Branches may begin to grow inward or rub up against each other. You may start to see a tangle of tree limbs, but not know the cause of the problem. We’ll send an expert over to assess the situation and recommend the best options for you. Even if there are no major issues with the health of your tree, strategic removal of medium-to-large tree limbs can have a significant aesthetic effect. Larger breeds of trees can grow heavy canopies as they age, but careful separation of tree limbs could raise the canopy and allow much more light to filter through to your lawn.

We have years of experience working with trees and will carefully examine your tree to decide on the best plan for removing the chosen limb. We’ll make several precise cuts to sever the branch without harming your tree. This process takes special care, as larger tree branches can rip from the tree as they are being cut, leaving behind a large wound on your tree to heal. Once the limb has been severed, our team will expertly pull it away from the rest of the tree, ensuring no damage comes to your home or lawn in the process. While our tree branch removal services will leave behind some light scarring, your tree should naturally heal over time. You may see some “bleeding” of tree sap just after removal, but that’s no cause for concern. It may be a bit unsightly, but it helps your tree to heal.

We Also Remove Fallen Limbs & Branches 

Even if you don’t remove extraneous branches from your tree preemptively, they may detach and fall off in bad weather. In Central Florida, we’re no strangers to heavy storms. All too frequently, larger branches that seemed sturdily rooted to their trees are torn off by strong winds. If the weather has been tearing up your trees, we can help. Our experienced professionals will come out to your yard and haul away any fallen tree branches that are strewn about your yard.

If you’ve got tree limbs that are getting out of control, give Creative Edge a call. Whether the limbs are still on your trees or scattered about your yard, we’ll take care of everything. Get your yard looking its very best! Call us for your free tree limb or fallen branch removal quote today.

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Why choose Creative Edge?

  We don’t use laborers – only trained and experienced climbers

  We have all necessary equipment, including bucket trucks, lifts, and cranes are at our disposal

  We offer a pre-hurricane / storm season preparation service to remove all dead or questionable limbs.  We also offer a post-hurricane / storm cleans up service

Let Us Clean Up Those Tree Limbs! Call Creative Edge!