Why Trim or Prune Your Trees?

Tree canopies are beautiful, but they can block sunlight from your yard as they grow and expand. Strategic tree pruning will allow natural light to filter through the leaves onto your lawn. You may value the shade provided by your tree, but the rest of your lawn needs enough sunlight to flourish. Regular tree trimming will also keep your trees and your home looking their best. Branches can grow unpredictably and often go off at odd angles, tangle together, or spread towards your home. Don’t let these small growths develop into significant problems! Contact Creative Edge about scheduling your tree pruning consultation today.

Tree pruning and trimming isn’t all about aesthetics. Establishing a proper maintenance regimen can significantly impact the health of your tree. Pruning your trees regularly makes them stronger and helps them thrive for many years. If the limbs on your tree begin to grow inward or become entangled, they will need to be trimmed at some point. Performing this maintenance sooner rather than later allows your tree to stay healthy, rather than needing to recover. Pruning needs will vary based on the species  and age of your trees. Call our office to arrange a free consultation if you have any questions or concerns about maintaining your trees.

Here in Central Florida, we have more than our fair share of troublesome weather. You likely know all too well the disastrous effect a storm can have on your trees. Even a run-of-the-mill thunderstorm can leave your roof covered in leaves and debris, necessitating a costly roof cleaning. You can mitigate this danger by having your trees trimmed regularly. Our experts will examine your trees closely, then remove any loose branches or stray leaves that are likely to detach as soon as a strong wind blows. Regular tree trimming can keep your trees looking their best regardless of what storms may come.

If you’re considering putting your home on the market, think about scheduling a tree trimming just before you list the house. While we highly recommend regular tree pruning, even one session can dramatically change the appearance of your lawn. As we’ve noted, appropriate tree trimming can give your yard a brighter, more open look. Put your best foot forward in the competitive housing market by getting your trees in their best shape.

One of our expert team members will come assess your tree and discuss your goals with you. We’ll work to address potential problem areas before they arise, preventing significant future stresses and expenses. Together, we’ll keep your trees looking great and growing beautifully for years to come.


Don’t let unwanted trees or stumps dominate your lawn! Contact Creative Edge for your free tree removal quote today.

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Why choose Creative Edge?

  We don’t use laborers – only trained and experienced climbers

  We have all necessary equipment, including bucket trucks, lifts, and cranes are at our disposal

  We offer a pre-hurricane / storm season preparation service to remove all dead or questionable limbs.  We also offer a post-hurricane / storm cleans up service

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