Tree removal Lakeland Florida

At Creative Edge, Tree service in Lakeland FL is an integral part of our services.  Nothing pulls a yard together quite like safe, healthy, well-groomed trees.  With over 13 years of experience in caring for trees in Lakeland Florida, we can provide anything your trees need.  
We offer the following tree-care services in Lakeland:

Tree Limb & Fallen Branch Removal

We’ll inspect your trees and let you know what needs to happen before a hurricane decides for you.

Tree Cutting & Removal – with Stump-Grinding

 We offer Tree removal in lakeland FL So If a tree must go, we’ll remove it safely, haul it and its debris off completely, and grind away the stump.

Tree Limb & Fallen Branch Removal

Whether a limb needs to come down or its already come down, we’ll remove it safely and cleanly.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Keeping the limbs and branches under control is the best way to keep detritus from falling on your head and property, and it can make your yard look and feel bigger. We’re experienced with trimming all types of trees, from palms to grand oaks and from small trees to giant ones. Our trimmers are trained in the most current and up-to-date cutting techniques to insure we maintain the health, life, and integrity of your tree.

tree service lakeland fl
tree removal lakeland fl

Why choose Creative Edge in Lakeland FL?

  • We don’t use laborers – only trained and experienced climbers
  • We have all necessary equipment, including bucket trucks, lifts, and cranes are at our disposal
  • We offer a pre-hurricane / storm season preparation service to remove all dead or questionable limbs.  We also offer a post-hurricane / storm cleans up service

For healthy, safe, well-groomed trees, call Creative Edge or contact us online!