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Custom Landscape Design & Installation From Our Licensed & Insured Company for Your Lakeland, Plant City, or Auburndale, FL Property

Our customers can expect us to work 1:1 with them to create a landscape design that will increase the curb appeal of their property.

Newly manicured landscape in Lakeland, F.

When it comes to creating a breathtaking curb appeal, nothing says well-kept and beautiful like a well-designed landscape. From every exterior point of your home, your landscape design should be unified and enhance the exterior aesthetics of your home. In fact, a well-designed and thoroughly executed landscaping project increase’s your home’s curb appeal and can increase your property value.

At Creative Edge Landscape & Lawn Care, we are a licensed and insured company that work 1:1 with customers all across Lakeland, Plant City, and Auburndale, Florida from conception and design phases through the landscape installation to ensure the customer will have a property they will enjoy for years to come.

Your Landscape Design Project Starts With a Consultation

The first step of our design phase is to have a consultation. Our primary focus during this initial meeting is to get a complete understanding of what the client wants for their property. Sometimes, the client is on target and sometimes, realistically, the ideas do not align with the budget.

We take this time to offer tips and a professional opinion to help bring the customer’s vision to life. The consultation is important because it allows us to get to know the necessities of the project before the design phase.

We spend a lot of time on our design phase because we want to get it right! The more ideas the customer brings to us in the beginning, the easier it is to nail a functional and beautiful design for their property!

Professional 3D Rendering Software Gives Us The Power to Produce Stunning Landscape Designs

We used this 3D rendering for a client in Plant City, FL who wanted an new landscape and custom patio.

During the design process, our team of skilled experts utilizes their knowledge of the principles of design, while leveraging our professional design software to produce a stunning, one-of-a-kind landscape for your property. Our design software, PRO Landscape, gives us the ability to create a 3D rendering of your home and property.

This imaging allows us to showcase both daytime and nighttime views of your landscape design, it makes it possible for us to view the design from all angles, and it gives us the power to make efficient changes to the design within the software.

Fundamental Design Principles Allow Us to Create a Design That’s Pleasing to the Eye

Our design professionals created this landscape for a client in Auburndale, FL.

At Creative Edge Landscape & Lawn Care, creating a landscape design that works well always comes back to the principles of design. We use these fundamental principles to ensure your completed look is attention-grabbing and pleasing to the eye:

  • Symmetry – This refers to whether your design is composed symmetrically (traditional) or asymmetrically (organic), depending on the overall theme of the design.
  • Balance – Various aspects such as the number of plants or the placing of any hardscaping elements included in the design follow the established symmetry around the property.
  • Focal point – This can be a specific plant, tree, area, or even a location on your home. We use focal points to draw the eye into a location through the design of the landscaping.
  • Contrast – A combination of different types of plants, angles, and materials help move the eye around the design and give the overall appearance, dimension, and depth.

Landscape Design is a process that needs time to be done right.

Our designers are experienced and trained to produce a solid piece of work for every customer. Our design process is not something that can be turned around in a day or two. Since we are building a landscaping design that your home will maintain for a long time, we take the time necessary to produce a quality design that is effective in complimenting your home and property in the right way.

Design phases can vary from project to project, based on the size and complexity of the project. Designers will present their products a few times to the customer during this phase for feedback and to move forward.

Preparations Are Made to The Site

Our team has started a landscape installation in Lakeland, FL.

Our design process is the key to the actual landscape installation of your project. Once we have a landscape design approved for installation on your property, we must prepare the site. During this time, we may need to remove old plants, mulch, or even sod where the landscapers will be installing the new landscaping.

It is imperative that the customer has irrigation already available to be used. Creative Edge will check the property to make sure the current irrigation system will provide adequate coverage for the approved landscaping project.

Installing The Plants, Mulch, & Other Landscaping Elements

We chose plants that are popular in Central Florida for this Auburndale, FL client.

The landscape installation is the stage where we get to see the landscape design come to life! Installing all the agreed upon plants and elements are completed during this phase of the landscaping design project. This includes the planting of any plants or trees, laying ground covering, and other elements, such as a water feature or hardscaping construction.

Local plants

In Lakeland, Plant City, Auburndale, and other surrounding communities in Florida, we use common annual plants, perennial plants, and palms to create a design that is authentic to the region.

Some of the most common annual plants include:

  • Pansies
  • Periwinkles
  • Impatiens
  • Geraniums
  • Zinnias
  • Begonias

The most common perennials for our area include:

  • Vincas
  • Curcumas
  • Gerberas
  • Pentas
  • Crossandras

In addition to these plants, our customers can select from other palms, trees, shrubs, and hedges to enhance their design.

Get a six-month guarantee on all plants in your landscaping installation when you have Creative Edge maintain the landscaping they designed and installed on your property.

Mulch & Rock

Throughout the Plant City, Lakeland, and Auburndale, Florida region, the most popular mulch installed is red dyed mulch. However, a variety of mulch and rock options are available for customers to choose from for their landscaping design.

We Can Design & Install Water Features That Accent Your Landscaping Design

A recent customer in Lakeland, FL requested this gorgeous waterfall for their backyard.

We install water features in that enhance the visual appearance of landscaping design. Our expert landscapers are skilled in designing and installing such water features as ponds, waterfalls, fountain installations, and more. Water features make Magnificent focal points and accent your landscaping, while offering an atmosphere of tranquility.

Our newest Plant City, FL client wanted a combination of new landscaping, a custom patio, and a water feature in their yard.

Call us for a consultation to start your landscape design and landscape installation project

Our company is made up of experienced professionals who are ready to make your property dreams a reality. Creative Edge Landscaping & Lawn Care is fully licensed and insured to offer you the best landscape design and landscape installation services in Lakeland, Plant City, Auburndale, and surrounding areas in Central Florida.

Are you ready to begin designing your dream landscape that can include expertly selected plants, shrubs, trees, perfectly laid mulch, and even the installation of a breath-taking water feature? Contact us today at (863) 812- 5968 to set up your initial consultation.

Let’s get the ball rolling and see how we can bring spectacular curb appeal to your property!

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