Let’s face it – you have two choices when it comes to lawn maintenance: Do it yourself or hire someone.

If you choose to hire someone, you need to make sure you are making the right choice in who you hire.

Lawn Services in Lakeland FL

At Creative Edge, our comprehensive lawn maintenance packages are more than your standard “Cut, weed and blow” service.  We have over 14 years experience in lawn care, right here in Central Florida.

It is this kind of experience that has taught us to be able to identify harmful fungus’s and pests at first site, before your turf is permanently damaged.

In fact, we put together a maintenance plan for each yard we maintain.  This insures that we understand your short and long terms goals for your yard, and work toward them together with you.

Whether it’s just upkeep on grass cutting, or a total landscape makeover, rest assured we have you covered. We take care of front yard, back yard, and everywhere in-between! We’re happy to help you with any of your lawn care needs. From irrigation, and gutter cleaning, to shrub trimming, and tree maintenance.

Lawn Service lakeland FL
Lawn care lakeland fl

The Creative Edge Difference

What sets us apart is our professionalism. We take care of things you might not even know to look for. Here are some examples:

We’re familiar with most Florida plants and proper techniques of trimming and pruning

We change our mower blades daily to insure an optimal cut

All grass types are cut at the proper height to ensure their best health and growth

Lawns are cut in different directions to keep from putting tracks in the yard and damaging the turf

We help you set your irrigation for proper watering to prevent damage from heat, cold, or fungus’s

We periodically check coverage of irrigation systems to insure heads have full coverage of turf and plants

Ready for your lawn to look its finest? Call Creative Edge or contact us online!