Tree services such as tree removal and tree trimming are no easy tasks. In fact, the taller the tree, the more risks you run of causing serious injury to yourself or damage to your property by trying to handle it yourself. Both tree removal and tree trimming should be handled by a licensed and insured professional.

Tree services are performed for more than aesthetics. Here are five reasons you should consider hiring professional tree services for your Lakeland, FL home or business.

1. Property Safety

Trees are wonderful to have on your property until they become a liability. As trees age and get larger, they are more likely to drop branches. In addition, large branches are more likely to fall during strong winds and rainstorms, like what we can experience periodically in Lakeland, FL.

Falling branches are a danger and a potential hazard for any part of your property or any person in the range of the potential falling branch, and can mean trouble for both homeowners and business owners.

Routine services for your trees will enhance safety around your property. Trimming tree branches before they have a chance to fall is going to keep your property much safer.

In some instances, trees with an unacceptable level of risk need to be removed.

2. Tree Diseases

Dying or diseased trees can become hazards on your property. In addition, their structural integrity is compromised as the disease spreads, making it a hazard for dropping branches or completing falling. A tree coming down will create greater damage and injury to your property.

Call a professional to determine if the diseased tree is unsalvageable. A decision may be made that the tree needs to come down. Determining the health of the tree is critical in figuring out how to properly care for your diseased tree.

3. Pest Infestation

Unhealthy trees and plants attract pests. Proper pruning and tree trimming services will enable the tree to grow stronger and thicker and fend off against pest infestations. On the other hand, diseased or dead trees and left-over tree stumps can attract a variety of these pests, including beetles, termites, and ants.

These pests can eventually find their way into your home. If you have dead, dying, or diseased trees and stumps on your property, it’s time to call a tree/stump removal company.

4. Property Protection

Sometimes we cannot see the entire tree and the damage that may be lurking right under our feet. Large trees tend to have large root systems under the ground. These roots continue to grow as the tree grows, which can cause problems down the line.

Structures on your property may become damaged if a tree grows uncontrollably. Roots have been known to cause significant damage to:

  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • House foundations
  • Other concrete structures

If you find a tree is within the proximity of damage on your property, contact an expert to inspect the tree to see if tree removal will be necessary.

5. Storm Preparation

Lakeland, FL is no stranger to the threat of hurricanes. In the past, Hurricane Irma struck Lakeland and Hurricane Dorian threatened the area in the early forecasts. With this type of weather brings extremely strong winds and rain. Part of storm preparation is being aware of your surroundings, including the trees on your property.

Keep your property storm-ready by utilizing professional tree services. Through tree trimming and tree removal, they will enable homeowners and business owners to minimize damage and injury during these powerful storms.

We provide licensed and insured tree services for properties in and around Lakeland, FL.

As an established landscaping company in the area, we have experienced and qualified tree service experts at the ready. Our team is backed by years of knowledge and experience in inspecting properties and providing various tree services. If you have concerns about the trees on your property, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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