A damaged tree is not only dangerous but looks ugly on your garden or compound. This is why you have to always make sure you have healthy trees around your home. You can either call a professional tree service provider (US!!) or do it yourself. So here is a look at the 5 tips to keep your trees healthy and looking good.


Apart from just adding beauty, removing old or dead branches and growth will also give room for new branches to grow and make your tree look vibrant. If properly done, tree trimming makes your tree look greener, lusher and healthier. But make sure not to remove too much of the dead or unruly matter. This may stunt growth.

Know when to maintain

You will notice that those neighbors who always have cleaned yards do it most of the time. Well, the secret is knowing when to maintain the trees in your yard. For instance, September and November are the most beneficial months to do a yearly check-up on your tree. At this time, trees stop growing because they near winter months.


This is one of the most crucial tree service tips for those who have too many. When you have many trees, some will tend to block the sunlight from others. Trees need to enjoy the sunlight to be healthy. In the case of mature trees, you should consider calling a tree removal professional.

Water effectively

Most people assume that mature trees will always thrive in existing soil and moisture conditions. However, this may not happen when there is an extended drought. So to always have healthy trees in your yard, you should water effectively so that they can be more resilient when the drought is extreme.

Protect the bark

A tree is only healthy because its back is still intact. This acts like the armor and damaging it makes it easy for bacterial or fungal infection. When attacked by infections, the tree will eventually start rotting from the inside. You can protect the back by diverting a stream of water from directly hitting the trunk, pruning out branches that rub against the bark or steering the mower and other lawn equipment away from the trunk.

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