In the Kathleen Area of Lakeland, Florida 33810, plant and lawn irrigation is essential landscaping tasks because of the hot climate. For six months of the year, daytime temperatures can exceed 90 degrees. This causes large water losses from plants and soils. Rainfall in the Kathleen Area of Lakeland, Florida 33810 averages around 60 inches a year. Half of the rain falls from June to September.

And, according to a local lawn care maintenance company, Creative Edge Landscaping, another reason for irrigation is that the sandy soils in the area can’t hold much water. The best time to irrigate is when the lawn/plants start showing signs of stress caused. Below are some signs that watering is needed:

  • Parts of the lawn are bluish-gray
  • Tire tracks or footprints remain on the lawn long after they were made
  • Soil from the root zone is dry (take a sample)
  • Leaf blades have folded in half

The above symptoms are the result of strong winds, high temperatures and relatively low humidity in the Kathleen Area of Lakeland, Florida 33810. Even though water may be in the soil, plants will wilt during such times. This is because they lose water faster than their roots systems are absorbing it.

As mentioned, soils in Florida are sandy and if the roots in the top 12” of soil are dry, ¾ to 1” of water is needed for a thorough wetting. This is equal to 465 – 620 gallons for every 1000 square feet of grass. Remember this – efficient irrigation only wets the root zone – it doesn’t allow water to run off, and it doesn’t saturate the soil.

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