Are you thinking of hiring a professional to take care of your lawn? If so, the next step — which is not always an easy one — is to find a reputable landscaping company in Auburndale, Florida.

Finding the right landscaping service provider can be tricky. In fact, there is a lot of variation from company to company. Some will be fantastic, while some will be atrocious. The question is: how do you tell them apart? Below, we are going to explain some of the most important questions you should ask before hiring a lawn care company in Auburndale, Florida.

1. How do they fare in terms of reputation?

One way that the Internet has changed our lives is that we can now verify any company’s reputation with a cursory online search. While online reviews may not always tell the entire picture (in most cases, only the positive and terribly bad experiences are shared), they do give you a quick snapshot. For example, if a landscaping company has more bad reviews than good ones and detailed accounts of incompetence, you can almost certainly bank on them to be a dud.

Don’t forget to ask your neighbors which landscaping company in Auburndale they use, and what they think of them. This is a good way of finding reputable businesses and filtering out unreliable or overpriced ones.

2. Is the company licensed and insured?

Licensing and insurance are non-negotiable. If your lawn care company in Auburndale, Florida is licensed and insured, you can rest assured that they are dedicated professionals and are not simply looking to make extra money on the side. More importantly, if one of their workers is injured on your property or their mower knocks a rock through your window, you bear no liability whatsoever.

3. What about their customer service?

Excellent customer service from an Auburndale landscaping company seems to be a bit of a rarity these days. It can be hard to get an estimate. Signing up can be a hassle. It is sometimes difficult to modify services or get specialized work done. Many lawn care companies are sloppy, and you could end up wasting an awful lot of time playing phone tag. Therefore, look for a lawn care company that will always be reachable and will respond to your questions or concerns promptly and reasonably.

4. Are they reliable?

You would be astonished at the number of customers who complain to us that their last landscaping company “simply disappeared.” They were mowing and fertilizing the lawn one week and were gone the next.

In some cases, amateur lawn care service providers simply lack the operational capacity to expand, and they collapse. To filter out such unreliable companies, you can read their online reviews. Better yet, contact them for personal references. If they are happy to share some references with you, this is a great sign. If they are unwilling, pass.

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