Is your lawn in less-than-ideal condition? There could be several factors that are preventing your lawn from looking its best. While sunny days are certainly good for your lawn, too much heat can scorch them, which is a common concern in the Auburndale area. Below, this lawn care company in Auburndale, Florida is going to provide some tips that will help homeowners obtain a thicker, greener lawn:

1. Mow your lawn to the right height. Believe it or not, mowing can make your lawn thicker and greener.

Check your equipment. Your machine should have the sharpest blades to ensure that your lawn is cut cleanly. Dull blades make the grass look frayed, and most often, it can cut more than what is needed and can even uproot an entire patch. 

Follow the one-third rule when mowing. That means trimming only one-third of the grass length each time. 

Pick the right equipment. Push mowers and mulching mowers are a good choice. Avoid using electric mowers as they do not trim your lawn evenly.

2. Water your lawn. Ideally, you want to water your lawn at least once a week. But in the Auburndale, Florida heat, you might want to consider watering twice. When watering your grass, make sure to drench your lawn early in the morning; this allows the grass to absorb the water and allows the canopy to dry. The perfect time is just before sunrise or as the sun rises.

3. Fertilize. Like any plant, grass needs nutrients to survive and stay healthy. If you have a good soil medium on your lawn, the grass can survive for a couple of months or even up to a year. But as time passes, nutrients in the soil can leech out, making it deficient in nutrition. Grass needs nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous to keep looking green and healthy. A good ratio is one pound of nitrogen or mixed fertilizer per 1000 square feet of lawn. It would be best if you kept in mind that your mix should consist of 20% nitrogen

Knowing when to fertilize can also keep you from accidentally killing your grass. The perfect time to fertilize is in early spring, when the weather is still cool. Fertilizing your lawn at the beginning or the middle of summer can add more heat to your grass, which can kill it instantly. You can also avoid all this by fertilizing your lawn naturally by leaving clippings on your lawn each time you mow.

4. Test your soil. Doing a soil test can help you find out the lacking nutrients in your soil, its Ph levels, density, and color. Finding out what your soil needs can help your lawn flourish and stay nice.

5. Keep an eye on pests, weeds, and diseases. A well-maintained lawn keeps rodents and other pests at bay. Following the tips mentioned above, you can prevent weeds and diseases naturally. However, certain conditions may occur and lead to problems. For example, chinch bugs are common pests in the summer. While you can treat this kind of infestation, you might want to consider hiring professional exterminators to prevent matters getting worse.

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