Aside from lawn mowing, there are a few tasks to get your lawn ready for spring that will promote desirable and lush growth on your property. With springtime around the corner, residents across Lakeland, FL should begin considering what they need to do to prepare their lawn. We recommend three actions that will ensure strong, healthy lawns, landscape plants, and trees:

  • Tree Pruning
  • Lawn Fertilization
  • Mulch Installation

I. Tree Pruning

Tree pruning needs to be done at the right time of the year to make sure your plants, trees, shrubs, and hedges are growing properly. Before the start of the growing season in spring is the prime time for pruning in the Lakeland, FL area.

This landscape maintenance technique preserves the health of your trees by selectively removing dead or diseased branches. As a comparison, pruning is an essential part of keeping your shrubs and trees healthy while trimming will keep them looking aesthetically pleasing.

With regards to tree pruning, the healthier your trees and landscape plants are, the less likely they are to cause damage during a strong storm or hurricane later in the year.

Creative Edge Landscape & Lawn Care, LLC is a licensed and insured landscaping company that can get your lawn ready for spring. We ensure your trees, plants, and lawn get a healthy start to the growing season.

II. Lawn Fertilization

The best way to make sure your lawn has the proper nutrients it needs is to practice good lawn fertilization techniques. Fertilizer treatments are needed to help strengthen your grass and prevent other problems from occurring on your lawn. Furthermore, providing your lawn with proper nutrients helps the grass to be more efficient in photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis, the process by which your lawn produces the food it needs to grow, is aided immensely by the nutrients provided from fertilizer. Lawn fertilizer provides three key nutrients to your lawn: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. These ingredients, when balanced properly, provide your lawn with what it needs to create stronger and deeper root systems.

Fertilizing your lawn in the spring to prepare it for the growing season will bring your property many benefits, including:

  • Better water absorption
  • Insect and lawn disease resistance
  • Ability to endure drought easier
  • Strengthen your lawn to withstand foot traffic
  • Weed prevention

III. Mulch Installation

Did you know fresh mulch should be installed on an annual basis in your landscaping beds, or that it should be installed at with a depth of 1-2 inches evenly?

Some homeowners and business owners in Lakeland, FL are unaware of the impact fresh mulch has on their property’s aesthetics, or for the plants and flowers that live in the landscape beds.

Fresh mulch offers a number of benefits for your landscaping, including:

  • Temperature control for the underlying soil
  • Protection from direct sunlight, which can damage the roots of your plants and flowers
  • Moisture retention
  • Helps to prevent the growth of weeds
  • Adds color and vibrancy to your landscaping beds

Mulch options are plentiful, and an array of colors and types can be chosen for your property. To maintain an annual renewal of your mulch, consider working with professional landscapers like Creative Edge Landscape & Lawn Care, LLC who are experienced in laying mulch.

Did you know that Creative Edge Landscape & Lawn Care, LLC can also plant your annuals and perennials for you?

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