Hardscaping Solutions in Lakeland

If you’re a Lakeland resident like us, you know that patios are a staple for enjoying our warm, sunny climate. But plain concrete slabs leave much to be desired. With scorching summer heat, undefined spaces, lackluster style, and poor drainage, your patio in Lakeland likely falls flat from reaching its full potential.

However, we have an oasis of good news – you can transform your patio without breaking the bank using affordable hardscaping solutions in Lakeland. As Lakeland’s premier landscaping company in Central Florida climate and landscape design, we at Creative Edge have mastered patio upgrades tailored for Lakeland homes. Read on as we oasis-ify your outdoor space with shade, function, style and stormwater drainage fixes on any budget using hardscaping solutions in Lakeland.

Upgrade Your Plain Patio in Lakeland with Hardscaping Solutions

Issues with a Plain Patio

Concrete slab patios may be the status quo in Lakeland, but they present quite a few drawbacks:

  • Heat Islands – Plain concrete absorbs the Florida sun’s rays, transforming into a heat island. Enjoying your patio mid-day in July and August is nearly impossible without burning to a crisp!
  • Undefined Spaces – With no delineation between spaces, a concrete slab provides little functionality. Where should patio furniture go in Lakeland? Not sure! Leaves you with a small unused patio.
  • Bland Styling – Nondescript concrete reflects zero personal style or design choices. It’s drab rather than fab for a Lakeland home.
  • Puddle Problems – Lakeland’s intense storms mean water pools on patios for days due to lack of drainage. Stepping through puddles to grill isn’t exactly ideal with a plain slab.

Upgrade to Hardscaping Solutions in Lakeland

The good news? With a few affordable hardscaping upgrades in Lakeland, your patio can beat the heat, define functional zones, emit style, and conquer storm drainage issues once and for all:

  • Shade and Coolness – Well-placed shade elements like pergolas or gazebos protect you from shadeless summers. This transforms heat island concrete into a cool oasis for enjoying Lakeland’s climate.
  • Defined Spaces – Using different materials like pavers, gravel, and tile to delineate space leads to designated areas for dining, seating, grilling, etc unique to your Lakeland home’s needs.
  • Style and Personality – Materials like tile, stone and concrete pavers allow you to integrate designs, colors and textures reflecting the home’s architecture and your personal taste.
  • Dry Surfaces – Strategic use of grading, gravel beds and French drains whisks rainwater away, preventing pesky patio puddles and weeklong standing water on your Lakeland patio.
Achieving a luxurious landscape doesn't always require a hefty budget with Creative Edge.

4 Budget-Friendly Hardscaping Solutions in Lakeland for Upgrading Patios

Based on decades of patio projects across Central Florida, here are our top four budget-friendly hardscaping solutions in Lakeland to transform your Lakeland patio:

Pergola Kits

  • Adding a pergola canopy provides heavenly shade – it cuts sunlight penetrating your patio by over 90% during peak summer hours. We love using affordable cedar wood pergola kits from home improvement stores, which cost under $3,000. With ample shade from a quality pergola, you’ll gain 20-30 more days annually to use your Lakeland patio freely. This is a fantastic hardscaping solution in Lakeland for those looking to enhance their outdoor living space.
  • We recommend the Arrow Branford model for your hardscaping solutions in Lakeland – its lintels are positioned east to west to maximize shade. Plus, the 8’ depth covers typical patio furniture dimensions. For DIYers, erecting a pergola kit only takes securing posts in concrete, bolting on lintels, and adding plywood above for extra coverage. Then you can relax and beat the heat in style with this useful hardscaping solution in Lakeland.

Define Functional Zones with Pavers

Creating specific functional areas with different patio materials prevents a disjointed, random feel. We suggest using concrete pavers to delineate key zones. Their shapes interlock for steady footing. Plus they come in varied styles like brick, slate, limestone and travertine at just $3-9 per square foot installed.

First measure your Lakeland patio’s layout and map ideas for spaces, considering needs like:

  • Dining area
  • Sitting/fire pit section
  • Grilling station
  • Walkways

Then excavate sections 4” deep to set pavers, filling gaps with sand and gravel for stability in your hardscaping solutions in Lakeland. If you lack experience, leave the full installation to the pros – improper base layers lead to shifting pavers. Soon you’ll have the custom patio zones of your dreams thanks to this clever hardscaping solution in Lakeland. 

Banish Patio Puddles with Gravel and Drainage

To combat storm flooding on your Lakeland patio, hardscaping solutions in Lakeland such as using drainage gravel and trench drains keep water flowing away nicely. A 3” drainage gravel base suffices, and 50lb bags run just $5 at Planterra Landscape Supply. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Dig out turf soil 4-6 inches and replace it with gravel mounds to create gentle slopes that move water away from the house.
  • Use decorative stones to line the beds aesthetically for an appealing look.

Additionally, for effective hardscaping solutions in Lakeland, install trench drains along the perimeter using rigid 4” plastic pipes, backfilled with gravel. Ensure to daylight the pipes so water flows out the driveway. This drainage combo costs around $500-800 in materials for most patio sizes while protecting your Lakeland home from water damage and pesky floods.

Tile Over Concrete for Style and Function

If your Lakeland concrete slab is in fine structural shape but lacks dazzle, applying outdoor tile transforms it into a showpiece while adding color, style, and shade possibilities. Outdoor tile like porcelain withstands sun, rain, and frost. Prices range from $4-12 per square foot installed.

  • Clean and Level the Slab: First, ensure your slab is clean and level before beginning your hardscaping solutions in Lakeland.
  • Apply Thinset Mortar: Use thinset mortar as an adhesive base for a strong, durable foundation.
  • Set the Tiles: Lay your tiles with a 1⁄8” spacing to allow for even grout lines, enhancing the overall look.
  • Grout the Tiles: After setting the tiles, apply grout to secure them in place and complete the transformation.
  • Mix Sun and Shade Tiles: For a custom pattern that suits your use, mix sun and shade-resistant tiles. This not only adds to the aesthetic but also functionality, making it a perfect hardscaping solution in Lakeland.
  • Add Umbrella Stands: Establish shade zones on hot Central Florida days by incorporating umbrella stands into your design.

Get creative! Soon your patio will emit personality and flair on par with interiors rather than dull blank concrete thanks to this creative hardscaping solution in Lakeland.

Bring Your Dream Patio to Life with Hardscaping in Lakeland

Picture this – we create designated lounging, cooking and dining zones for a Lakeland family by framing areas with stone pavers and drainage gravel beds. We erect an affordable cedar pergola from Lowes over the seating, letting wisteria vines eventually grow to provide dappled shade. The three daughters pick out whimsical flower and hummingbird tiles for their play space. This transforms a stagnant patio into the talk of the neighborhood with strategic hardscaping solutions!

You have the power to similarly create a patio oasis using budget-friendly hardscaping upgrades. Follow our tips to add pergolas, pavers, drainage and tiles perfectly suited to Lakeland’s climate and your vision. Beat the summer swelter, define functional spaces, integrate charm and curb pesky flooding rain or shine. Then get ready to entertain neighbors nonstop with your revamped outdoor gem without breaking the bank!

Contact our team today at (863) 880-1355 or use our online contact form to discuss hardscaping solutions in Lakeland for your home. We can assess your property and provide custom recommendations to match your budget and design needs for a patio renovation. Bring your outdoor dreams to fruition with our help!

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