Some lawn issues are pretty evident — such as hitchhiker weeds or wildlife munching on your lawn. However, some lawn problems are more challenging to identify. If your lawn turns brown, for example, there can be a variety of possible causes. Perhaps you aren’t watering it enough, or maybe you’re overwatering it? Perhaps you need fertilizer? Or maybe your lawn is infected with a disease?

Regardless of the problem, resolving issues with your lawn can be difficult and unpleasant. In fact, lawn imperfections may appear virtually overnight, leaving you scratching your head as to why things took a turn for the worst. Below, this landscaping contractor in Lakeland, Florida is going to discuss some of the most common lawn problems you should be aware of, their causes, and how to restore your lawn.

Grass pulls up too easily.

You do not want to go to your lawn and have the grass pull straight up in your hands. This lawn problem is often caused by grubs (the larvae of different species of beetles) munching on the roots of your lawn, causing them to break apart.

Preventive grub control is the solution to this problem. Controlling grubs is much easier and less expensive than tackling them after they have grown and caused serious damage to your lawn. You want to make sure your chosen landscaping contractor in Lakeland, Florida offers this type of service.

Your lawn is thinning.

Not only is a thinning lawn unsightly, but a lawn with open spots can become infested with weeds or even disease.

Why is your lawn getting thinner? There could be several culprits.

First, a low soil pH can smother your lawn’s growth. It can inhibit nutrient absorption, depriving your lawn of the benefits of treatments like fertilization. A soil test will provide a clear picture of what is going on in your soil, allowing your Lakeland landscaping company to create a plan for improvement, which may include soil stabilization methods (such as lime treatment) to help your lawn reach the ideal pH.

A thin lawn may also indicate that your grass is being mowed too short.

Lastly, weeds, insects, or diseases can all contribute to the appearance of a thinning lawn. By identifying the issue, a landscaping company can come up with the best options for restoring your lawn’s thick appearance.

Grassy weeds are invading the lawn.

Weeds are a big nuisance due to their aggressive ability to take over lawns. When grassy weeds start invading your lawn, your Lakeland, Florida landscaping company can offer solutions designed to keep grassy weeds in control.

Your lawn is losing its color.

There are many possible causes for your lawn losing its color. First, you may not be watering your lawn enough. Keeping a close eye on your lawn during dry months and increasing watering, when possible, can help prevent its color from fading.

While a lack of water is a common cause of discoloration, excess water can also cause your grass to discolor. An excess amount of water sucks the air out of your grass, causing it to lose its lush, green appearance.

Beyond watering, an inadequate soil pH range for your lawn type can contribute to a dull lawn appearance. A soil test can reveal your lawn’s present pH level, and your local landscaping contractor can then recommend ways to push it to a more acceptable range.

Another reason you may see your lawn discoloring is if your lawn contains a mixture of grass species or if a grassy weed has taken over a significant chunk of the land. This might result in a patchy appearance or the appearance of different shades of green.

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