If you mow your own lawn, you may be wondering whether to leave grass clippings or bag them. Despite to the myth that clippings contribute to thatch in your yard, you might be surprised to hear that leaving them is healthy for your lawn.

Below, this lawn care company in Lakeland, Florida is going to explain why it’s best to leave grass clippings on your lawn after mowing.

Why Should You Leave Grass Clippings in Your Yard?

Mowing is big part of lawn care in Lakeland, Florida. But another big part of caring for your yard is fertilizing it regularly to keep your turf green and healthy. Fortunately, there is an easy way to fertilize these days.

Leaving clippings on your lawn benefits your soil and grass. These grass clippings give extra water for your grass and are rich with nutrients that grass needs to be healthy and green. These clippings contain vital nutrients needed to keep your lawn healthy naturally.

Here’s some information you should know if you plan to leave grass clippings on your lawn:

1. Do not leave clumped-up clippings. 

Scattered grass clippings can easily dry up and then decompose in a few days, giving enough nutrition for your grass. At the same time, clumps can retain moisture and create heat when decomposing, which can smother the grass underneath them. The unpredictable weather in Lakeland, Florida, can cause your evenly scattered clippings to clump together. If you notice any clumps, make sure to rake them to spread grass clippings evenly, allowing them to dry. Remember, when there is moisture, you create a good place for fungus, mold, and mildew to grow. So, make sure to spread clippings evenly and loosely.

2. Clippings help you save on fertilizer costs.

Clippings contain up to 4% nitrogen, 0.5% phosphorus, and up to 3.5 % potassium, which improves soil quality because it is natural and organic, while chemical fertilizers can destroy the soil’s natural microbiome.

3. Invest in a mulching mower. 

A mulching mower can cut grass finely, making it easier for clippings to be deposited under the lawn’s canopy. 

Other practices you can follow to maintain proper lawn care in Lakeland, Florida include:

  • Make sure your blades are very sharp before you start mowing. Dull blades cause fraying and bald patches on your lawn. 
  • Mow back and forth to distribute clippings evenly.
  • Make sure to follow the one-third rule. That means only cutting one-third of the grass height, which is 2.5-3 inches.
  • Use the right equipment. As mentioned above, mulching mowers and push mowers work well when recycling grass clippings.

As mentioned above, a common misconception is that leaving clippings promotes thatch build-up. Thatch is a layer of organic material such as dead roots and tiny plant material that naturally builds up under the grass canopy. When thatch becomes thicker, it can impede water absorption, airflow, and nutrients that grass needs to be healthy. 

Grass clippings quickly decompose, which makes it impossible for thatch build-up. However, you can expect thatch build-up if you mow your lawn shorter than 2.5 inches. So, consider leaving grass clippings to keep your Lakeland, Florida turf nice and green throughout the year.

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