The cost of landscape design is determined by a number of factors, varying from one extreme to the other, and depending on the scope of each project. Although there are free design plans available online, many Plant City, Florida homeowners choose to hire a professional landscaping contractor to create an outdoor space that complements and enhances their home’s visual appeal. There is an impressive selection of landscaping contractors to choose from; however, understanding the basics of the cost of landscape design in Plant City, Florida is a great place to start when considering a change to your property.

Determining the Landscape Design Cost

Numerous factors can influence your landscape design’s final cost, but three are particularly noteworthy.

1. The overall size of your property has the greatest influence on your landscape design cost. Most landscape design packages are based on an average lot size — usually, about 10,000 sq. ft — and are adjusted for smaller or larger properties. A comprehensive design concept for your entire yard would cost considerably more than just a front yard landscaping.

2. The landscaping features and options are also significant. Elements such as decorative walkways, landscape beds, and water features like ponds, waterfalls, and fountains will undoubtedly add to your design’s overall cost. Many professional landscaping contractors in Plant City, Florida offer a range of packages, making it easier to estimate the cost of your project.

3. The fees charged by the landscape designer or landscape architect need to be considered. Typically, the more time and expertise it takes plan the design, the more it will cost.  A landscape architect generally costs more than a landscape designer.

Landscape Design Options

The cost of your landscaping design will be heavily influenced by the specific features and types of landscaping you choose. Swimming pool design, hardscape plans, and other specialty landscaping, as well as lighting and drainage plans, will all significantly affect the final cost of the project. Choose a Plant City, Florida landscaping contractor who can provide you with a custom design package that best suits you and your home’s needs.

What does a Design Package Include?

A standard landscape design package includes highly detailed plans as well as installation notes for your outdoor project. The plans are usually tailored to your wants and presented in a 3D CAD format. Most landscape design packages also include extra copies of the design concept — usually in black and white — for record-keeping and other purposes. It is worth noting that a design package will generally not include the cost of materials or labor to install the design. These costs are usually separate and part of a landscape “installation.” Finding a Plant City, Florida landscape contractor who offers both landscape design and installation services may help you save money on your overall landscaping project.

Now that you understand the basics of landscape design cost, go ahead and call a Plant City landscaping professional. A well-designed landscape plan can help you enhance the overall beauty and curb appeal of your home in Plant City, Florida.

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