With COVID fatigue continuing to increase in 2021, many of us are going stir crazy staying at home, feeling tired, and hoping for better days. But why keep waiting? Give yourself some outdoor time – tend your landscaping and improve your mental health. Caring for your landscape leaves it in good shape and also refreshes your mood. So, here are five ideas on how Auburndale property owners can make some fantastic enhancements to their landscaping and lift their spirits each day, even after COVID is behind us.

1. Grow Your Garden

Selecting your fruits or flowers, prepping the soil, planting seeds, keeping weeds out, and regular maintenance can be exciting but also overwhelming. If having a garden is your dream but hard labor is not, hand it over to the pros and enjoy the fun side of gardening, i.e., seeing new plants bloom and tending to the fruits and flowers. Professionals can also help with your garden’s timely upkeep, so you genuinely reap the gardening benefits in your property.

2. Add a Pop of Color

Colors can positively influence your mood too. Adding color to your landscaping design is the best way to boost your mood every day. It creates a change that will take you through the day joyfully and stress-free. Colors of your choice give you the power to change the world around you, and in turn, you change the way you see the world. The simplest of all is to add large containers to display your plantings and modify your varieties for spring, summer, fall, and winters. Share your vision with a Creative Edge specialist, and we will turn it into a reality.

3. Tidy the Landscape

There is something so relaxing about caring for your landscaping. Every effort you take into cleaning the dead and dying areas of the landscape will enhance its appearance. Tidying the environment involves mowing, trimming, corrective pruning, edging, and blowing. You can also make use of other essential services like mulch installation, tree/ shrub management, fall cleanup, winterization, and more. It will create a more ideal space for the current green areas to grow better, allow natural light, deter pests and tree diseases, and help the lawn thrive.

4. Add or Repair Hardscapes

Do you have any bare spaces in your landscaping? Are those heavily traveled? Do you have any shady spots? Consider adding some hardscapes to enhance those spaces. Not only will it turn the unsightly areas into eye-pleasing regions but also make them usable and secure. If you already have existing but worn out or broken structures, update them and enjoy the benefits.

5. Add An Outdoor Room

Being sheltered in place makes you want to leave the indoors and get out and about. Create an open-air area on your property. It’s a great place for recreation, relaxation, and entertainment. Not only can it be an outdoor room, but a space with a hardscape patio, a fire pit, and landscape lighting for better comfort and safety and much more.

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