Many homeowners in areas affected by drought conditions have noticed that their trees and landscape are suffering. Knowing how to spot the signs of drought stress can save you a lot of time and money spent on pruning or re-planting an otherwise healthy tree. With that said, it is vital to be able to tell if your trees and plants are experiencing drought stress.

To help give you a better understanding, this landscaping company in Auburndale, Florida is going to discuss some of the common signs of drought stress below.

What is Drought Stress?

Drought stress can occur when there is a lack of moisture, causing the trees to lose some of their leaves or stop budding altogether. Although drought stress is somewhat common in Florida, there are certain signs that you can look out for to tell whether your trees are suffering from this condition and how severe it may be.

When you can identify these signs, you can treat your landscape more effectively and avoid planting new trees in areas likely to suffer from drought stress.

Early Signs of Drought Stress

When your tree is feeling the effects of drought, there are some physical cues you can look for.

Wilting is an early sign of tree dehydration caused by a lack of water. Wilting is typically used interchangeably with drooping or curling as it relates to plants and leaves. All three terms can mean having lost resilience or life or signify that a plant has been dehydrated by environmental factors such as lack of rain.

Your landscaping company in Auburndale, Florida will recommend checking under lower branches and near the trunk for wilting leaves. If a branch tips downward, remove these leaf clusters, and replace them with mulch from your yard. Make sure the roots are exposed but protected from rodents during this process.

Wilting can be due to other reasons, such as seasonal changes (in spring) or lack of soil nutrients, but if you suspect your tree is experiencing symptoms related to drought, it’s best to contact your local landscaping company in Auburndale, Florida for more information about what care may be needed for your specific species.

Signs of drought may also include discolored, defoliated, or small leaves, as well as dieback on lower portions of stems. Trees can also be weak and have sparse foliage when experiencing moderate to severe droughts.

Long-Term Effects of Drought Stress

Long-term drought stress impacts tree growth and health. Trees can experience premature fall coloration, die back, and reduced vigor in leaves under prolonged periods of water shortage.

Plus, chronically thirsty roots cannot metabolize sugars quickly due to lower water levels, affecting the tree’s ability to grow; they require additional resources like sunlight and nitrogen to compensate for low nutrient uptake rates.

Even worse, though, is that when dry soils crack and create fissures, fungi and other pathogens can move in. In extreme cases, tree roots can be compromised or die from excessive water loss through these cracks. Long-term dehydration also prevents plant cells from separating properly as new leaves grow. This causes a condition called cupping, which is characterized by inverted or crinkled leaves that do not open fully to gather light.

Hire a Professional Landscaping Company

When you hire a professional landscaping company in Auburndale, they will come and look at your tree, figure out what’s wrong with it, and then find a solution. They will work to understand what has caused your tree’s problem and which maintenance treatments will get it back on track.

These experts have years of experience taking care of many types of plants and trees — no job is too big or too small for their diverse skillset. You can be sure that professionals are equipped with all the necessary solutions to whatever landscape challenge you have.

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