Trimming trees is an essential part of keeping your yard looking great and healthy — but it is also an activity that can be dangerous if you don’t exercise the proper precautions. Whether you have a simple tree in your front yard or are cutting down an entire grove on your property, there are a few key things you should do to ensure your safety. This landscaping contractor in Lakeland, Florida is going to explain below.

Tree Trimming Safety

  • If you know a storm is coming, you should avoid trimming a tree during the storm. The tree branches can act as antennas — if lightning strikes, it could seriously injure or kill you. Instead, trim the tree before or after the storm hits.
  • Before you start, take a walk around the area, and look for any potential hazards that could be in your way. If any tree branches or vines are hanging low enough, cut them away from the tree before you trim them. Your landscaping contractors in Lakeland, Florida will also recommend trimming away low-hanging branches from nearby trees to make sure they don’t get knocked off during your trimming session. Finally, beware of loose rocks on slopes — if there are any boulders in the way, it may be best not to climb the tree near them.
  • Moving ladders and equipment can be tricky, so make sure you plan your moves with extra care. Move slowly, keep a hand on the ladder to steady yourself, and use an assistant if available. Make sure you choose your paths carefully; after all, you are moving something quite heavy.
  • Wear protective clothing and gloves that protect your skin. Tie back long hair, so it does not get caught up in brush, tangles, or branches. Any knowledgeable landscaping contractor in Lakeland, Florida will suggest wearing safety glasses to protect your eyes from sticks, shavings, particles, chemicals, and flying debris. They will also recommend wearing ear plugs or other hearing protection to protect against noise from chainsaws.
  • One of the most dangerous parts of tree trimming is climbing a ladder. Getting up into the canopy of a tree is high risk, even with the best safety gear. So always inspect a limb before climbing it, checking for rot and other signs that it could snap or give way. 
  • Never climb a tree with any tool in your hands because when things go wrong, these tools will only increase your chances of getting hurt as they come between you and the branch.
  • Don’t overestimate your own abilities — it is best to approach the situation with caution and have a backup plan rather than try out new techniques with higher risks. And as with any outdoor project, make sure that someone knows your schedule and has access to where you are working so they can call for help if needed. 

Hire a Professional

You don’t have to trim your trees on your own if you don’t want to. Hiring a professional landscaping contractor in Lakeland, Florida is a much safer option — they know what they are doing and will come prepared with the right equipment.

Hiring someone else means you will pay for their services — but it can be worth the peace of mind knowing that your trees are in good hands. Also, this is not just about money: think about all the time, energy, and resources (not to mention family safety) required on your part if you were trimming trees yourself.

Final Thoughts

Although trimming trees can be dangerous, you don’t have to risk your safety to keep your yard looking tidy and attractive. With these tips, you can ensure that trimming trees does not mean risking harm to yourself or your property, even if you are still new to tree trimming.

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