As a homeowner, you never want to look out into your yard and see bare spots. A well-kept lawn can suddenly sprout weeds that grow out of control, or become home to some unwanted pests, but there are few problems as infuriating as bare spots that you can’t seem to fix. Are you stumped on why you can’t fix that stubborn patch that has been ruining your lawn? This top-rated lawn care company in Auburndale, Florida is going to discuss everything you’ll need to know below.

Check If You Have Clay Soil

If you see a stubborn spot on your lush lawn that refuses to yield grass, it may mean that you have some clay soil underneath. While clay soil is uncommon in Auburndale, Florida, you should check the composition of your soil to properly address the problem. If you have clay soil, you can try mixing in organic materials to help break it up. Alternatively, you can try out expanded shale to assist in the numerous problems clay soil can bring. 

Once you have performed the previously mentioned techniques to alleviate clay soil, you can plant your seeds. The additional drainage created by breaking up the clay soil should be an apt environment for growth. If you also added in organic materials such as bark, homegrown composts, and trimmings, they can help boost up your lawn’s sprouts even further.

Reduce the Compacted Areas of Your Lawns

Grass, in Auburndale, Florida, is tough but not invincible. An abundance of foot traffic or too much pressure and weight can increase the number of compacted areas on your lawn. Having compacted grass will reduce the water penetration and total air that your Auburndale, Florida lawn can receive.

To help resolve this common issue, you have two simple solutions. First, you can use your spading fork to dig in a few inches. From there, you can then shift the ground around, but you should be careful not to pull out any of your grass. You can then take your spading fork and repeat at a different spot.

An alternative to this is performing aeration by digging up small plugs of soil. This method is both harder and more beneficial, as it may even need specialized tools to not damage your grass. However, once you have completed the process, your lawn will be able to absorb nutrients and water at a much deeper level.

Fill Up the Bare Patches

A more advanced measure you can perform, if all else fails, is growing a filler for your bare spot. By growing out your grass in a separate pot or holder with additional nutrients and fertilizers, you can guarantee that it will have incredibly strong roots.

Once your grass is mature enough, you can perform the previously mentioned techniques and sow your separately grown grass on top of the bare patch. Given most situations, it should often solve the bare patch problems for any Auburndale, Florida resident.

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