If you are seeing brown patches on your lawn, you may be wondering why your lawn is dying and what you can do about it. There are several common culprits of dying grass, and by learning about these causes, you can identify the problem with your lawn and make the necessary adjustments.

Below, this lawn care company in Auburndale, Florida is going to discuss the five most common reasons why your lawn may be turning brown.

Too Much Nitrogen

Too much nitrogen in the soil can cause brown spots to form on your lawn. These patches will not grow, no matter how much water you give them. Nitrogen kills plants by causing the leaves to burn up their own food supply faster than they can take it from the soil. When this happens, leaves turn yellow or brown, die off, and fall off the plant. To fix this problem, your lawn care company in Auburndale, Florida will recommend reducing the amount of nitrogen fertilizers you use. 

Not Enough Water

Lawns need water to stay green. If your lawn is turning brown, it is possible that you have not given it enough water. Check the ground for dry spots and irrigate them if they are present. You can also use a sprinkler system or soaker hose to apply water directly to the ground instead of just spraying your lawn with a hose.

Fertilizer Burn

Fertilizer burn happens when the fertilizer is not mixed with water before applying it to your lawn. The fertilizer will sit on the surface of your lawn after being applied and will cause damage to your grass by burning the roots and leaves. Fertilizer burn can also happen if you fertilize too heavily, when too much fertilizer is applied, or if you apply the wrong type of fertilizer for your specific type of grass.

If fertilizer burn is causing your lawn to turn brown, you should wait a few days before applying more fertilizer to allow time for your grass to recover. You can also water your lawn immediately after fertilizing it to help reduce any damage. Additionally, your lawn care company in Auburndale, Florida will advise you to avoid over-fertilizing, or using a type of fertilizer that is not appropriate for your specific type of grass.


Another common cause of browning lawns is an invasion of Chinch bugs. These pests are small — usually less than a quarter inch long — and feed by sucking the sap from grass blades. This causes the grass to turn yellowish-brown or straw-colored. 

The Chinch bug lays eggs on the leaves, stems, and roots of plants which then hatch into white grubs. The grubs burrow deep into the soil before pupating, but their presence can be detected because they create tunnels that look like a worm has been eating through the turfgrass. To help control them, avoid watering at night when these bugs are most active, and make sure your mowing height is correct for your type of grass.

Too Much Sunlight

The reason your lawn is turning brown may be due to too much sunlight. Grass needs a certain amount of sunlight to remain healthy, but if there is too much, it will turn brown and die. If you are seeing this happen on one part of the yard while another is green, it might be that the area with the dying grass is getting more sun than the other. You might also see this happening on your home’s siding or windowsills, as they tend to get more sun than in other parts of the house.

Final Thoughts

It is not uncommon to see lawns turn brown and die in Florida. However, it is important to know how to handle the situation correctly because (as you just read) there are several reasons your lawn may be dying, and they all have different solutions. If you are still unsure why your lawn is turning brown, you can always contact a professional lawn care company in Auburndale, Florida for assistance.

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