There are many things you can do to help your grass thrive and be healthy. Rather than leaving the health of your lawn up to factors you can’t control, like weather conditions, it’s better to focus more on the things you can control — like properly fertilizing and sufficiently watering your lawn.

Below, this lawn care company in Lakeland, Florida is going to provide some tips that will help you maintain a healthy lawn.

Lawn Care Tips to Keep in Mind

You may have noticed that, even though you’re regularly fertilizing your lawn, your grass still doesn’t look as healthy as you’d like it to look. In many cases, this is because homeowners are not feeding their lawns the right way.

  • Choose the right temperature. As any reputable lawn care company in Lakeland, Florida will tell you, fertilizing your grass is best done in the springtime. This is because the air temperature reaches around 55˚F, which is optimal for plants and grass to start growing. You can also use a soil thermometer to know when you should apply fertilizer to your grass.
  • Know what the numbers mean. When you buy fertilizer for your lawn, you will notice a set of numbers on the bag or container. You have to be aware of these numbers because different conditions call for varying nutrition levels for plants and grass. It’s important that you find the fertilizer with the correct percentages — otherwise, there might not be much change in the growth of the grass.
  • Try using slow-release fertilizers. The nutrients in slow-release fertilizers get broken down slower than other types of grass fertilizers. This would mean that you won’t have to apply fertilizer that frequently. Fertilizer is usually applied every 4 weeks, but you would only need to feed your grass in 6 to 8-week intervals with slow-release fertilizers.
  • Buy fertilizer granules. Use a spreader to distribute fertilizer throughout the lawn. Not only is this an effective way of applying the fertilizer, but it also ensures even coverage.
  • Plan three to five feedings for your grass depending on fertilizer used. When you plan how frequently you should fertilize, plan three to five feedings starting from mid-April. The spring heat in Lakeland, Florida produces the best temperature for the fertilizer to nourish your grass. The feedings should be every four weeks after the initial feeding, or six to eight weeks if using slow-release fertilizers.
  • Have an efficient irrigation system. Many people might not know that the more you water, the more you have to fertilize your grass. This is because, with more water, grass grows quicker, which requires more fertilizer.
  • Avoid burning your grass. It is recommended that you prep your spreader on the patio or driveway. As the experienced lawn care companies in Lakeland, Florida know, you don’t want to accidentally put fertilizer concentrated in one spot, as it can burn and kill the grass. Also, check if your hopper is closed shut because if not, it will directly pour fertilizer on your grass.

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