Homeowners in Plant City, Florida don’t have to worry about snow or freezing temperatures at any point during the year. While they can still enjoy winter under the sun, the temperature can drop to around 50°F during the colder months. Under these conditions, the grass becomes dormant — or at least it grows slower.

If you want a lawn that still impresses during the cold months, you’ll need to calibrate your lawn care and maintenance appropriately. Here are some tips on how to “winterize” your yard from a local lawn care company in Plant City, Florida.

Adjust Your Watering Schedule Early

To optimize the success rate of your winter lawn care, you need to take steps early. Start changing your watering times as the temperature starts to drop, a month before the cold weather sets in. Come winter, your irrigation should be scheduled every one to two weeks.

Water evaporation in Plant City, Florida drops as winter approaches. The grass stops growing, which means that it does not absorb as much water as it normally does. During these times, water has the tendency to sit on the soil, creating a breeding ground for fungi and diseases.

To prevent this from happening, you need to be mindful about watering your lawn. For best results, contact a local landscaping contractor in Plant City, Florida.

Stop Applying Fertilizer in Advance

Fertilizer and cold weather do not go well together, so you should stop applying it around September or October. Grass in Plant City, Florida stops actively growing as the temperature drops, which means that it does not need as many nutrients.

Salt from the fertilizer tends to accumulate under the surface as you dial down your irrigation. When this happens, the grass might absorb the chloride until it starves. It will have devastating effects on your yard.

While fertilizing during winter can sometimes induce your grass to grow, this makes it more sensitive to cold and more likely to die. Additionally, if you apply too much, it will burn the grass in your yard, causing more harm than good and undoing months of hard work.

Spread Grass Seed Over Your Lawn

What you couldn’t achieve using a fertilizer can be done by over seeding. However, make sure that you prepare your lawn first by mowing it. Remove all debris, weeds, and parts infected by fungus before you spread the new seeds.

Also, use seeds that can withstand winters. Rye is affordable and grows fast, making it a popular choice among homeowners in Plant City, Florida. It will keep your lawn lush during winter before dying come summer.

Try Using Turf Colorants

A neat trick in keeping your lawn lush and green during winter is to use turf colorants. These products are designed to be safe for the environment and are typically used on sports fields and golf courses. To make sure that you are using it the right way, talk to a local landscaping contractor in Plant City, Florida.

Inspect Your Sprinklers and Irrigation System

While winters in Plant City don’t bring snow and freezing temperature, the moving parts in your sprinklers and irrigation system could still get stuck or at least restricted. Do a quick check as winter sets in to prevent long-term and expensive problems down the road.

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