When it comes tolawn care in Plant City, Florida, there are elements you cannot control — such as inclement weather or soil type. On the other hand, damage caused by wildlife is highly preventable when you take the proper steps. The first step is to understand the type of animal causing the damage.

Possible Wildlife Feasting on Your Lawn

Apart from the usual insects, you may find that wildlife critters can infiltrate and multiply on your lawn. They often dig into the soil, make tunnels, and burrow deeply for shelter. Unfortunately, these critters can have an adverse impact on your lawn’s appearance. But the good news is that, if you know which types of pests are causing damage, you can take steps to prevent it. Some common yard pests in Plant City, Florida include the following:

1. Gophers

If you notice crescent moon or horseshoe-like tiny mounds on your property, you have gophers in your yard. These animals live below ground, and your lawn serves as the perfect habitat because they primarily follow a herbivorous diet. Sadly, they also like gnawing on sprinkler lines, which can cause issues. 

2. Racoons or Skunks

If you notice many different holes throughout your yard, you can be dealing with the handy work of raccoons, skunks, or both. These larger creatures are obsessive when it comes to finding delicious shrubs. They can cause severe damage to your Plant City, Florida landscape as they look for nourishment. 

3. Moles

These tiny animals possess agile bodies that can dig and forage underground. Their pointy and long noses, coupled with short limbs and lengthy claws, assure they can efficiently feed on insects living in the soil underneath your Plant City, Florida lawn. When they make tunnels, they also make raised ridges above ground. If you see them in your yard, you may be dealing with moles. 

4. Voles 

These critters look similar to field mice both in dimension and physical appearance. However, they follow the same routine as moles, especially tunneling. Unlike their bigger counterparts, these tiny creatures consume a vegetarian diet. They will eat your lawn’s grass, flower bulbs, root vegetables, etc. 

5. Ground Squirrels 

Unlike tree squirrels that make a home out of a tree den, these squirrels create an underground burrow. They feast on different types of plants, twigs, leaves, and various organic matter. Unfortunately, they can wreak havoc on your piping system, too, costing a lot of money in repairs. You can readily spot them through large clumps of soil that can make you trip.

Tips to Prevent Lawn Damage by Wildlife

After determining the cause, you can start taking measures to drive wildlife away. Follow these tips to regain control of your Plant City lawn:

  • Using motion-activated lights and sprinklers is effective in driving away most critters. 
  • Skunks and raccoons search your lawn for food, so controlling the source is a deterrent. Be sure to maintain a healthy lawn and use an organic insecticide, when necessary, to keep things under control. 
  • Try setting humane traps to hold rodents captive, then remove them from your property. 
  • You can try using predator urine granules strewn all over your lawn as the scent repels rats, moles, squirrels, and more. 
  • You can call a professional lawn care company.

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