On the hottest days of the year, homeowners in Lakeland, Florida often find themselves mowing, edging, and trimming their grass and hedges. It is also about this time that they wonder if they should hire a residential lawn care company to take of their lawn.

So, the question is — does it make sense to hire a professional lawn care company?

Some Lakeland residents believe that maintaining a lawn is easy. Yes, it’s not exactly rocket science, but there is more to lawn care in Lakeland, Florida than just mowing grass or raking leaves. If you are considering taking your lawn care into your own hands, you should know the answers to the following questions:

Things You Should Know About Your Lawn

  • What kind of grass or sod should be planted in the area?
  • What kind of fertilizer should be used, how often should it be applied, and is it better to use synthetic or organic fertilizers?
  • How to get a soil analysis to find out what nutrients are in the soil? What nutrients should ideally be in the soil anyway?
  • How should the lawn be mowed — should it be cut short or left long?
  • What tools are needed to maintain the lawn once it has matured?
  • How should a freshly seeded or sodded lawn be cared for?
  • How often and how much should the lawn be watered?

Do you want to commit to spending the time and effort to learn how to care for your lawn correctly and then actually do the work of caring for your lawn? Or should you spend the money and save time by hiring a professional lawn care company?

Consider how much time you would need to invest in learning how to care for your lawn correctly. Then consider the actual work — mowing, trimming, edging, carting off debris to the compost pile, and so on. You should also consider the fact that this is all to be done during the hottest months of the year…in Central Florida.

While some Lakeland homeowners may want to do the work themselves to save some money, it is clear that hiring a professional lawn care company is often the right choice. Of course, this assumes that the hands-on approach is not your style, or that you are simply too busy to stay on top of your lawn maintenance.

Not All Lawn Care Companies Are the Same.

When it comes to hiring a lawn care company in Lakeland, Florida, many homeowners simply look for the lowest offer. This is often not always in their best interests. If you expect a reputable company to provide top-notch lawn care and maintenance services, you are unlikely to be satisfied with the company that gives you the lowest quote. Rather than choosing the lowest quote, try to find the best company within your budget.

Make sure to ask for references as well. Professional lawn care companies will gladly provide you with a list of references from previous and present customers. Call a few people on this list and, if possible, visit their properties to ensure you are making the right choice.

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