If you are a new homeowner in Lakeland, Florida, you may have found that maintaining your lawn is more difficult than you first thought. There are many minute details of lawn care that people often overlook. If you are a beginner in terms of lawn maintenance, then you’ve come to the right place. This professional lawn care company in Lakeland, Florida is going to provide some helpful tips below.

Basic Watering Techniques You Can Apply Immediately

Water Earlier in the Day

It may not seem important at first but giving your lawn a morning hose down is an easy way to minimize difficult complications. One of the main benefits of watering early in the morning is that it allows nature to take its course. Your Lakeland, Florida lawn can absorb the water it needs while simultaneously drying out before nightfall. A damp lawn is not the worst thing to have, but it does promote an increased chance of molds and other lawn-related diseases

Water Your Lawn Deeply

A secret that some Lakeland, Florida, homeowners have when it comes to having strong grass is to regularly water their lawns with a couple of inches of water, depending on their grass species. As they say, the roots follow the water, and deeper water will make roots burrow further into your soil. Having deeper roots will significantly reduce weed growth and minimize uprooting during your mowing days.  

Good Things to Remember When You Start to Mow

Be Patient When You Have New Seeds

If you are new to lawn care, then you might not be aware that freshly sown seeds need time. It may be tempting to cut your lawn too soon. You should not be overzealous at first sight of green blades sprouting.

Freshly sown grass seeds need to set themselves up in the ecosystem before you do any trimming. They need to take some time to dig their roots into the ground and be strong enough. A good benchmark is to wait a couple of months before mowing for the first time. Once you have let the seeds settle in and have gotten the first trimming done, you can then move to a more regular cycle.

Regularly Mow Your Lawn

It might seem intuitive to regularly mow your lawn, but that is not the best advice for Lakeland, Florida, homeowners. While it is important to do this, you must also consider the ambient temperature you currently have. If you are still unsure how often you should cut your grass, the general rule of thumb is to do it weekly during summer, then two-to-three times a month during the colder months.

Cutting with a schedule allows ideal root and stem growth. It also doubles in promoting better lawn health. Another good piece of advice to preserve your lawn is to only cut when your lawn is not wet to reduce the chances of grass clumping up. It serves to help keep the cuts even and to avoid uprooting any of the weaker portions of your lawn.

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Maintaining a beautiful lawn is not always as simple as it might seem. If you want a great looking lawn, it may be a wise decision to seek professional advice as to how to proceed.

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