If you are a homeowner in Plant City, Florida, then you’ve most likely heard about fertilizers in one way or another. They provide the necessary nutrients that may be lacking in your soil to help keep your grass green, healthy, and lush. While it can be tempting to immediately go out to your local store and pick up the nearest bag of fertilizers, it’s important to know what your lawn needs. Below, this lawn care company in Plant City, Florida is going to discuss the fertilizing and seeding of your yard.

Fertilizers in a Nutshell

1. Synthetic Fertilizers

If there is one exceptional trait that synthetic fertilizers have over their organic counterparts, it is that they are as precise as you can possibly get. If you need a specific amount of nitrogen, you can be sure that synthetic pellets will contain the amount you need. Additionally, they act fast and come in different forms to suit the needs of veteran gardeners.

With that said, synthetics also come with downsides. Inexperienced gardeners of Plant City, Florida, may accidentally disrupt the biomes and ecosystems underneath their lawns. First-timers may also oversaturate their lawn, which can cause long-term damage. From potentially killing beneficial creatures such as earthworms to having a buildup of chemicals that cause toxicity and environmental runoff, knowing the proper way to handle synthetics is extremely important.

2. Organic Fertilizers

What organic fertilizers lack in growth speed, they make up for in general safety and long-term saturation. Organics are more steadily used by the microbes in your soil, leading to a more even distribution throughout your use. They are a safer alternative because they are often completely natural with few additional chemicals–this makes them friendly to any critters in your soil and your overall ecosystem.

If your lawn in Plant City, Florida, does not need to be green in a week, then you should consider looking into organic fertilizers. It is much more friendly for newcomers, as it is much harder to over apply, while also being a more environmentally safe option.

Seed With Both Quality and Quantity

When you start to take care of your Plant City, Florida, lawn, you may initially have a bare plot of land. While you may want to start with an average grass species, you should consider investing in a more durable bunch of seeds. It will also be best if you consider having grass that is more suited to the Plant City, Florida climate to reduce the maintenance that other grass species may need.

While there is nothing wrong with getting an average bag of seeds, treating yourself to a notch higher will leave your lawn looking better. A more advanced technique you can apply if you are already familiar with aeration and the benefits it can give your lawn is overseeding. It involves introducing multiple varieties of grass to improve your lawn’s overall strength, as well as reducing the spawning grounds for unwanted weeds to grow on. Overseeding is a supplemental technique that can also benefit from having superior breeds mixed. It is why it is important to seed in both quality and quantity!

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