Roots spread far and wide to provide a sturdy foundation for trees. But what if they grow a bit further than you would like? In these cases, some Auburndale homeowners are tempted to cut or add more soil to the exposed tree roots on their property — however, doing either of these things can aggravate the trees and lead to greater issues.

To help you avoid this mistake, this lawn care company in Auburndale, Florida is going to explain why you should never cut exposed tree roots or cover them with soil. We will also go through a few methods for fixing exposed tree roots.

The Risks of Cutting Tree Roots

  • Severe tree damage: You risk injuring the tree and making it unhealthy if you cut its exposed tree roots. An unhealthy tree on your property poses a significant risk since it can lead to property damage and serious injuries. If you suspect a tree on your property has been damaged or — worse — is dying, we recommend calling a professional lawn care company in Auburndale, Florida as soon as possible.
  • Dead tree: Cutting an exposed tree root may also be enough to kill the tree. Because you cannot see the underground root system, you might be severing an essential root that provides nutrients and water to the tree. If this is the case, the tree’s chances of survival are minimal.

The Risks of Covering Tree Roots with More Soil

  • Ignore underlying issues: Tree roots are meant to grow under the soil’s surface. So, if you notice exposed tree roots on your Auburndale, Florida property, it might be an indication of a much bigger problem — such as soil erosion.
  • Deprives trees of essential nutrients: Covering exposed tree roots with soil may deprive them of sufficient oxygen. This might be why the roots came to the surface in the first place.

Three Ways to Deal with Exposed Tree Roots

Now that you understand why cutting or covering exposed tree roots is a bad idea, the Auburndale, Florida lawn care professionals at Creative Edge Landscaping & Lawn Care LLC are going to discuss some ways to deal with the issue:

  • Use mulch or compost: Mulch can be spread over exposed roots without suffocating them since it is not as dense or heavy as soil. You may also use an alternative ground cover, such as compost, which is lighter and has greater pore space, allowing oxygen to permeate deeper into the ground.
  • Make the area inaccessible: Another option is to close off or restrict access to the site of the exposed roots. This reduces the possibility of the root being injured or someone tripping over it and injuring themselves.
  • Add foliage: Depending on where the exposed roots are on your Auburndale property, another option is to grow some plants or bushes in and around the area. This will inhibit foot traffic while also concealing the exposed root from sight. However, avoid choosing plants that attract deer since this may cause further problems for you.

Looking for a Professional Lawn Care Company in Auburndale, Florida?

Depending on the size and age of the tree, exposed roots might be a serious issue for homeowners. Fortunately, the landscaping professionals at Creative Edge Landscaping & Lawn Care LLC can promptly get to the bottom of your tree problem and recommend the best course of action.

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