Leaf blowers are an important lawn care and clean-up tool — but “blow and go” is not always the best approach to using leaf blowers. As the top-rated lawn care company in Plant City, Florida, we have compiled some tips below on how to use a leaf blower safely and efficiently. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Wait until the leaves and grass clippings are completely dry: Wet leaves and grass clippings tend to clump together and are difficult to blow away. Therefore, give it at least 24 hours after a downpour before using a leaf blower.
  • Keep all windows and doors shut: If your family is enjoying the refreshing Florida breeze, ask them to take a moment to close the doors and windows. This helps to keep outside noise and dust at bay.
  • Clear any large items: Pick up loose objects, such as twigs, gardening tools, and toys for children as you walk through the lawn where you plan to use your leaf blower. Furthermore, move any large objects that might block your path.
  • Stay protected: As any lawn care company in Plant City, Florida will advise you, it’s important to wear eye protection, gloves, thick shoes, and noise-reduction safety earmuffs.
  • Draw up a plan: Decide on a path before you start blowing all the leaves and grass clippings off your lawn. Start at one end of your lawn and work your way toward where you want to deposit the leaves to avoid blowing them back over an area you have already cleaned.
  • Start the blower: Allow the motor to idle for a minute or two to help it warm up if it is a cold start. If you are using an electric blower, you will not need to do this.
  • Move in a semicircle: Instead of blowing the leaves and clippings in a straight path, lawn care professionals in Plant City, Florida recommend using an arcing pattern to funnel them toward a center area.
  • Go easy on the throttle: There is no need to have the blower running at full capacity all the time. Quick bursts of power can be effective — not to mention more fuel-efficient and quieter.
  • Use the wind to your advantage: Blow leaves and grass clippings with the wind at your back, so you are working with it rather than against it.
  • Pick up piles of debris as you go: Leaf blowers are finishing equipment designed for more refined work. They are not intended to move large amounts of debris. So, when the leaves and clippings begin to pile up, get a rake and move the debris to a trash bag. Then continue blowing.
  • Use a battery-powered blower: Many leaf blowers are powered by gas, but battery-powered blowers are more compact, less noisy, and more evenly balanced. You can also avoid the inconvenience of mixing and storing fuel by charging the batteries for a few hours before going outside. On a single charge, you can expect 20 to 30 minutes of use from your battery-powered blower.
  • Add a vacuum kit: Some blowers feature a suction mode that allows you to pick up leaves and clippings rather than move them around your lawn.
  • Recycle the debris: When you are done blowing, you can compost the leaves and grass clippings, or you can use them as mulch in your flowerbeds.

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