Clients often have their own unique vision for their backyard, and Lawn Maintenance Companies feel obliged to follow their wishes. After all, their primary objective is to ensure the client’s satisfaction. However, there are some hardcore truths about landscaping that your Lawn Maintenance Company in Auburndale, Florida wants you to know and understand. You should consider the following when you’re constructing or re-designing your landscape:

Real Grass is Better Than Astroturf

Artificial grass creates a nice, vibrant, and velvety green ambiance, especially when set against brick pavers. If you are looking to spruce up your Auburndale, Florida lawn, it’s important to keep in mind that Astroturf may not be the best option:It is not environmentally friendly as this will eventually end up in the landfills.

1. It is not cost-efficient as it does not wear well, so you may end up replacing it sooner than you think.
2. It retains too much heat and gives off gasses.
3. The granules beneath do not effectively handle water and could cause potential water issues for your house.
4. If you truly want a green landscape, grass is the best option.

Cutting Corners and Taking Shortcuts Will Hurt You in the Long Run

As with anything, you get what you pay for. The lowest price is not necessarily the best option. Don’t forget to include room in your budget for unexpected costs, too. Remember, you aren’t just paying for the plants and other structures — you are paying for a premium service to improve the curbside appeal of your Auburndale, Florida property. This investment will increase your property’s value.

Art Can Take Time to Come to Life

Lawn maintenance and landscape architecture is not just a science, but an art, too. When you’re creating something beautiful, it will take time, so be very patient. Building a yard from scratch or renovating an existing garden takes a lot of work. Your team may have to remove items and install new utilities. They may also end up dealing with unexpected elements like an untapped spring or huge tree rot.

Design a Landscape That can Transition and Grow with Your Family

It’s better to design an outdoor space that your children won’t outgrow in a few years. As you consider the design of your backyard, consider current and future needs. You may need space for the little ones to run around today and in a few short years, you may need a space for those same kids to hang out with their friends. Create a design that can flex and transition as needed.

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