Fall is upon us, which means cooler temperatures will be arriving shortly. However, before you put away your garden tools and turn your focus to more indoor activities, it is vital to prepare your yard properly so that you can enjoy everything it has to offer next spring and summer.

Below this lawn maintenance company in Plant City, Florida is going to provide some tips on how to prepare your yard for fall.

Leaf Removal

In the fall, leaves are most likely falling from trees and accumulating around your home in Plant City. Though some leaves will stay on the trees and provide essential nutrients, as well as shelter from the wind in winter, you should remove them periodically during the fall, so they don’t make a mess in your yard or cover up desired plants and flowers.

You can rake or vacuum them up if they are scattered across the lawn or driveway. But if they are clumped together near a specific tree branch or sidewalk, try using a leaf blower to create enough space that you can shovel out all the leaves at once.

Weed Control

To keep weeds under control, it’s important to work on weed prevention during the warmer months and weed destruction during the cooler months. This can be done by cutting back weeds with a weed whip or hoe before they become established.

You can also keep down new sprouts by applying herbicides early in the growing season. Once your yard has fully matured, your lawn maintenance company in Plant City, Florida will recommend applying a post-emergent herbicide to kill any existing plants and prevent new growth from coming up over winter.

Mow the Lawn Once Before Winter Arrives

Mowing the lawn is a great way to ensure your yard does not turn into an overgrown mess before the winter months arrive. It is recommended to mow it once before winter arrives.

Water Garden Plants Twice Weekly

Your lawn maintenance company in Plant City, Florida will recommend watering the plants in your landscape twice a week during dry periods. This ensures that your plants will be healthy and watered throughout the winter.

If you don’t want to water your plants yourself or cannot dedicate enough time throughout each week, consider investing in a drip irrigation system. These systems use a timer and emitters placed around your landscape. The emitters deliver water directly to plant roots as needed.

Hire a Professional Landscaping Company

Instead of tackling these tasks yourself, you always have the option of partnering with a professional landscaping company in Plant City, Florida to handle your landscaping needs. There are a lot of advantages associated with hiring professional landscapers.

First, they have a deep understanding of what works best in your specific region. They can also provide recommendations and choose appropriate plants that will work best with your local environment and withstand changes in climate. 

Final Thoughts

Fall is an excellent time to prepare your yard for the cold weather of winter. If you take care of these fall tasks now, you can spend less time and money cleaning up your yard this coming winter and more time enjoying it. 

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