An immaculate and well-manicured lawn is a great complement to a home in Lakeland, Florida. It also comes with a long list of benefits, including cleaner air and groundwater, fewer weeds, and improved flood control.

However, stubborn weeds often show up and detract from your lawn maintenance efforts. They can be aggressive and destructive, taking away essential nutrients from your lawn and weakening it in the process.

If you are having trouble with weeds in your yard, then you’ve come to the right place. Below, this lawn maintenance company in Lakeland, Florida is going to explain some effective tips you can keep in mind.

Pull Out All Existing Weeds

If you want to keep weeds out in the future, you need to deal with the existing ones first. You can pull them out by hand or use garden tools like a hoe or a handheld weeder. The key is to make sure that you include the roots.

If your lawn in Lakeland has been overrun by weeds and is too much for a manual approach, use herbicides. Use the selective type to protect the plants that you don’t want to kill. You can also use non-selective herbicides, like glyphosate, but make sure that you apply it only to the weeds.   

Remove Dead and Dying Grass

Your lawn has a layer of dead or dying shoots, stems, and roots between the soil surface and the green upper region of the grass. It accumulates when the rate at which the organic debris is produced faster than the rate at which it decomposes.

If this layer becomes too thick, it could prevent water and fertilizers from reaching your lawn, resulting in dead patches where weeds could grow. To prevent this from happening, remove thick thatches using a rake or power de-thatcher.

Aerate Your Lawn If Needed

Your lawn needs to be adequately aerated to encourage optimum growth. It prevents soil compaction so air, water, and nutrients can reach the grass roots.

To find out if you need to aerate your lawn, dig a section of approximately one square foot and look at the roots of the grass. If they don’t go deeper than two inches, you need to aerate.   

Look for Bare Spots and Apply Grass Seeds

Weeds are opportunistic and could grow on bare patches in your lawn. To keep them out, apply grass seeds evenly on your lawn, including bare spots. Over seed your lawn with cool-season grass during early spring or warm-season grass during summer. To make sure that it is spread evenly, use a mechanical slit seeder or broadcast seed spreader.

Mow Your Lawn at the Right Height

Your lawn should be kept at an ideal height to shade out weeds and discourage them from growing. So, when you mow your lawn, do not cut it too short. Set the machine so that the height is at 2 ½ to three inches long.

Additionally, vary your mowing patterns to prevent soil compaction and encourage the grass to grow vertically.

Do Not Overwater Your Lawn

Your lawn needs about an inch of water per week. Overwatering will promote diseases, so you should not go beyond this rate. Just make sure that your lawn gets enough water if the rainfall in Lakeland, Florida is insufficient.  

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