Florida is known for its beautiful weather and lush, green lawns — but the hot, humid climate can also cause weeds to pop up in your yard. If you live in the Lakeland area and are having trouble controlling your lawn weeds, you are not alone. Fortunately, there are things you can do to combat them.

Below, this lawn maintenance contractor in Lakeland, Florida is going to provide some tips on how to identify the most common weeds in Florida, and we’ll also discuss some strategies for controlling them.

How to ID Common Lawn Weeds?

Lawn weeds in Florida can come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, but they can all be classified into these three main categories:

  • Grassy Weeds: These weeds are often mistaken for grass because of their leaf blade structure. They tend to have a fine texture compared to most types of turf grasses and are usually lighter green. Examples of grassy weeds include crabgrass, annual bluegrass, and goosegrass.
  • Broadleaf Weeds: These weeds can be easily identified by their broad leaves and deep taproots. They often have prominent veins on the leaves, with yellow or white flowers, and may be mistaken for wildflowers. Examples of broadleaf weeds include dandelion, thistle, and clover.
  • Sedges: Sedges are easily identified by their triangular stems and spiky leaves. They often have a rough texture and are darker green than other types of lawn weeds. Examples of sedges include yellow nutsedge and purple nutsedge.

The Best Control Strategies

When it comes to controlling lawn weeds in Florida, there are several options. Depending on the type of weed, different strategies may be more effective. For example, hand-weeding is typically the best option for smaller, shallow-rooted weeds. On the other hand, a lawn maintenance contractor in Lakeland, Florida may recommend chemical treatments for larger, deeper-rooted weeds.

Here are some of the most effective weed control strategies:

Non-chemical control strategies: Hand-weeding is a simple and effective way to remove weeds from your lawn. Use a sharp hoe or hand trowel to carefully dig up the weeds and remove as much of the root system as possible. Be careful not to accidentally spread the weeds elsewhere when removing them from the lawn.

Mulching is also an effective way to help prevent weed growth. You can apply a thick layer of organic mulch (like wood chips or shredded leaves) around plants helps keep sunlight and moisture away from weed seeds, which prevents them from germinating.

Cultural control strategies: Proper lawn maintenance practices are essential for controlling weeds. A professional lawn maintenance contractor in Lakeland, Florida can ensure that your lawn is thriving by mowing at the correct height, fertilizing regularly, and watering deeply but infrequently. This will help promote dense turf, which will outcompete the weeds and reduce the amount of sunlight available to weed seeds. Additionally, overseeding your lawn each year with new grass seed will help keep the turf thick and healthy.

Chemical control strategies: In some cases, chemical treatments may be necessary to control lawn weeds in Florida. Spot treatments are most common and involve using a liquid or granular herbicide directly on the weeds you want to control. Always read and follow the instructions on any product you use, as over-application can cause damage to your lawn. You should also avoid using herbicides if you plan to use your lawn for food production or have pets or children who play in it.

No matter which weed control method you use, make sure you use the appropriate technique for the specific type of weed. If you are unsure which method is best for your situation, hiring a professional lawn maintenance contractor in Lakeland, Florida may be the best option.

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