Lakeland is a booming area with a lot of new construction in the area. From new homes and luxury apartment buildings being built, to the renovations of the Publix supermarket at Plantation Square in North Lakeland, the area is welcoming its share of fresh homeowners.

However, many of these new homeowners are previous residents of northern states and are unfamiliar with the environment of Lakeland and the surrounding Central Florida areas. They are also inexperienced with the lawn maintenance needs of their grass in this climate. That is why we are providing this lawn maintenance guide for new residents.

Common Types of Grass Found in Lakeland Neighborhoods

The two most prevalent species of grass that you will find in Lakeland neighborhoods are Bahiagrass and St. Augustine. Both species thrive in warm, southern regions and grow best around coastal areas with constant sun and mild winter temperatures. They can also grow in a variety of soil types.

St. Augustine grass requires a bit more care than Bahiagrass. But to care for either type of grass you need proper mowing, fertilization, and adequate watering for your lawn to flourish.

Bahiagrass is more drought-tolerant, so it needs less water and fertilization. However, it can be destroyed by over-fertilization or over-watering, so working with a professional for your lawn care can be crucial for the survival of your Bahiagrass. This is also important advice from our lawn maintenance guide.

New residents from northern states may not realize lawns in Lakeland, Florida must be installed using sod rather than growing from grass seeds. This is due to the sandy nature of the soil found in the area.

Bahiagrass & St. Augustine Basic Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance is vital to caring for your grass, no matter which type your lawn has. Lawns with either Bahiagrass or St. Augustine should be mowed once per week during the growing season and every two weeks during the off-season.

Mowing should be performed properly to promote healthy growth of the lawn. This includes alternating mowing patterns and following the golden rule of lawn maintenance: The one-third rule. Professionals will tell you that the one-third rule will maintain a healthy, thriving lawn by cutting only one-third of the blade height during a single mow session.

Both mowing techniques ensure that your grass blades are gaining all the nutrients they need from water and photosynthesis, while also keeping the grass standing tall, strong, and hardy.

Proper Lawn Maintenance is the Foundation of Fighting Lawn Disease

Lawn disease can take over your property in an instant and some of these diseases can prove extremely hard to get rid of or repair your lawn from. Some of the most common diseases found in the Lakeland, FL region include:

  • Dollar Spot
  • Brown Patch
  • Fairy Ring
  • Root Rot
  • Leaf Spot Fungus

Conditions that Promote Lawn Disease

There are a number of scenarios that can lead to lawn disease. This can be especially true for homeowners who are not familiar with the climate and the necessities for their lawn. Lawn disease can occur from:

  • Underwatering or overwatering your lawn
  • Improper fertilizing
  • Cutting the lawn too short

In Central Florida, humidity is high, and rainfall is plentiful. One of the most common issues with lawn disease is due to too much moisture in the grass. Be cautious when you are watering your property.

Signs of Lawn Disease

Depending on which type of lawn disease is affecting your grass, there are certain signs that you will start to notice.

Brown Patch usually starts in a small area of your lawn and turns a yellow color and then a reddish-brown as the area dies. This fungus is aggressive and usually spreads up to several feet in diameter. Brown Patch is most common from December through March when temperatures are below 80 degrees and the ground is over-watered.

Fairy Ring can be an annual lawn disease that is difficult to get rid of. It hides dormant in the soil for several years sometimes before it shows signs. When you do notice Fairy Ring, it typically appears in the same spot annually due to high temps and high moisture levels.

Dollar Spot appears as dead circular patches throughout the lawn and kills the grass down to the roots. These small patches do not take exceptionally long to become large areas. Generally, homeowners will notice this as temperatures rise above 70 degrees and the humidity levels are high.

Preventing Lawn Disease on Your Property

The formula for preventing lawn disease is simple: proper mowing, watering, and fertilizing will keep your lawn healthy and thriving. It sounds easy, but good lawn maintenance can be difficult for inexperienced homeowners. Experts such as Creative Edge Landscape & Lawn Care, LLC know exactly what your lawn needs and how much water, fertilizer, and mowing to give.

Watering at the right time of day and with the right amount of water for the right number of times per week will make a significant impact on your lawn’s growth.

Proper Lawn Maintenance Helps Keep Weeds Away

The healthier your Lakeland, FL lawn is, the less chance weeds have of thriving. Keeping your lawn healthy will help it out-compete with weeds for resources. By following the proper mowing techniques we mentioned earlier, your grass will be able to absorb more sunlight and water, which leads to deeper root development. Your strong, healthy grass will then crowd out the weeds and give them no space to grow.

The avoidance of cutting your lawn too low and adhering to the one-third mowing rule are key points to our lawn maintenance guide. When grass is cut too short it gives weeds the advantage over the grass for growth.

Contact us for lawn maintenance that will beautify your Lakeland, FL lawn.

Although you may be new to the Lakeland, FL region, it does not mean you have to be ill prepared when it comes to maintaining a beautiful exterior on your property. Proper lawn maintenance is critical for optimal curb appeal and caring for your property in Central Florida has some differences from your previous climate.

Part of the point of our lawn maintenance guide was to inform you that lawn maintenance does more than just beautify your yard; it manages the health of your grass. The nutrients and proper lawn mowing techniques all work towards the goal of a healthier lawn. Of course, a healthier lawn leads to better aesthetics!

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