There is an important aspect of lawn maintenance that is underrated when it comes to a healthier, greener…using sharp mower blades.

Sharp mower blades are essential to trimming the grass blades properly. This helps to prevent damage to your lawn.

The Effect Dull Mower Blades Have On Your Lawn

As a local Lakeland, FL lawn maintenance company, we practice proper mowing techniques that include having sharp mower blades. The weather in Central Florida can be tough on our lawns. Making sure your grass is cut properly is critical to your lawn’s health.

Mowing your lawn with dull blades creates split ends, which hinder the growth of your grass, and can also lead to:

  • Lawn discoloration
  • Lawn disease
  • Grass being pulled up during mowing
  • Ragged-looking grass

How The Cut From Mower Blades Influences Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is such an important part of growth when it comes to your grass. During the process, your lawn produces the food it needs with the help of proper sunlight and water.

Mower blades that are dull leave ragged cut that prevents the grass from properly going through its routine photosynthesis.

Having your lawn cut at the right height with sharp blades will cause it to flourish. Your lawn will go through photosynthesis more efficiently.

When your lawn is more efficient at producing its nutrients through photosynthesis, it will be stronger and greener. Your lawn will also resist better against lawn disease, pests, and droughts.

Ensuring A Successful Growing Season With Sharpened Mower Blades

Spring is coming in fast and the mowing season in Lakeland, FL is just around the corner. This means that weekly lawn mowing is about to begin! Mowing your lawn weekly does a great deal for it and results in that vibrant, beautiful turf we all know and love.

Mower blades should be sharpened on a regular basis to ensure your lawn’s growing season is successful. Those sharp blades will result in a clean, crisp cut to the grass which will protect it from damage.

Mowing with sharp blades prevents having your grass torn from the soil.

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