Are you a homeowner in Auburndale, Florida who is looking to improve your lawn? Or maybe you’re looking for some insights that will help you better maintain your yard throughout the year. If so, you’ve come to the right place. This lawn mowing company in Auburndale, Florida has put together a short guide that explains everything you’ll need to know about lawn maintenance in the Sunshine State.

Use Grass Clippings as an Alternative Form of Fertilizer

Residents of Auburndale, Florida often ask about fertilizers or their alternatives to care for their lawns. Questions about possibly mishandling chemicals for disposal or improper use of fertilizers are common concerns.

Fortunately, there is a convenient answer that is both easy to use and completely safe to handle: Leave your grass trimmings on the lawn. They will be absorbed back into the soil as a natural fertilizer to reduce the need for chemicals or other additives. It is a quick and environmentally safe alternative to keep your lawn green.

Let Your Lawn Breathe

Everyone knows that you need to water your lawn to keep it vibrant. However, the secret to achieving the lush lawns of Auburndale, Florida is to let your lawn breathe. By properly monitoring the amount of water you give to your lawn and providing sufficient aeration, you will see an improvement in your lawn’s overall health.

Overwatering your roots or compacting them with too much soil can lead to problems or cause them to die out. Letting your lawn breathe is a simple yet effective tool that the residents of Auburndale, Florida consistently use to bring out more of the natural beauty from their lawns.

Know Your Grass

Bermudagrass, St. Augustine grass, and Centipede grass are common grass species in Auburndale, Florida. Each of them has their strengths and weaknesses, so knowing what your lawn contains will allow you to tailor your lawn maintenance efforts throughout the year.

Cut Grass When It Is Dry

As tempting as it can be to cut grass whenever you are available, it is much better for both your lawn and your lawnmower to cut grass when it is dry. After a rainy day, wet grass may seem harmless initially, but it can have some unforeseen disadvantages. The amount of water may cause some grass blades to bend at odd angles leading to uneven or even unsightly cuts. Next, wet grass can lead to unwanted uprooting if the soil gets too loose. Lastly, wet grass is much more likely to clog up your lawnmower, causing further problems.

Be Aware of Signs of Wildlife

Most homeowners in Auburndale, Florida enjoy hearing the birds chirping in the morning. But seeing that unsightly mound of dirt on your lawn leaves much to be desired. Gophers and moles are animals that make their homes deep in the dirt, and sometimes that means burrowing in lawns.

If you spot a new ridge of dirt or a mound of earth in the shape of a horseshoe, you most likely have an unwanted guest. Besides tearing up your lawn, they can also carry in the seeds of weeds when they venture out to find food. Be sure to always watch for the signs to protect your lawn from unnecessary damage. 

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