For most homeowners in Lakeland, Florida, maintaining a lush lawn is a priority. To lawn care experts, maintaining a residential lawn is easy. However, to those who are unseasoned in the art of lawn care, maintaining a healthy yard can be daunting. To make things easier, this lawn care company in Lakeland, Florida is here to offer some tips that will help you keep your lawn looking beautiful.

Take Care of Your Lawnmower

While many may focus on the lawn itself, taking care of your tools is essential. Your lawnmower will be one of the best tools for the job. Like any other tool, keeping it well-maintained is key for the best results.

Always make sure to keep your mower’s blades sharp and free from jagged edges. It may not seem important at first, but those old or rusty blades can lead to diseases, pests, and discoloration on your lawn. A sharp blade will cleanly slice your grass, allowing even grass growth while minimizing most complications. 

Avoid Overcutting Your Lawn

While you may enjoy the scent of freshly cut grass, knowing when to stop is important. Cutting your lawn too short will lead to a lot of problems, like heat damage. An excessively cut lawn can be the cause of uprooted grass stems or weakened roots. Another issue commonly created is bald spots, which are prime targets for the growth of weeds native to Lakeland, Florida. Many of these weeds are not dangerous, but they do impact the look of your lawn.

Experiment with Fertilizers

Many in Lakeland, Florida have beautiful green grass. This is partly thanks to the homeowners and professionals who use fertilizers properly. The correct application of fertilizers will lead to a greener, crisper, and more luscious lawn.

To start, you must know what products you need, how much you will need to coat your grass, and a deft hand to spread the fertilizer evenly. A tell-tale sign of an evenly distributed fertilizer batch is a healthy, leveled, and green lawn. On the other hand, if you notice a spot on your lawn or a tract of land that is sprouting a bit more than the others, then you may have overdone it.

Know the Common Diseases and Conditions

As they say, knowing is half the battle. Owners of a Lakeland, Florida lawn should be aware of the following:

1. Rust Fungus

If you see your lawn turning red or brown, and it is not Fall, then you probably have a case of rust fungus. Be quick to act on this because the disease can easily shred patches of your lawn. The fungus will slow your lawn’s growth to a snail’s pace and leave it open to more deadly lawn diseases.

2. Dollar Spot

If you notice lots of small dead patches of grass, it is most likely an infestation of dollar spots. Common in Lakeland, Florida, dollar spots are menacingly deceptive. They spread rapidly and can quickly riddle your lawn with brown spots. A distinguishing feature of a dollar spot is the reddish-brown hue they leave on the grass bordering afflicted areas.

3. Fairy Ring

Also known as eff rings or fairy circles, fairy rings are sizable patches of grass that are either withered away or growing faster than the rest of your lawn. They usually look like rings on your lawn, but can also appear as arcs, sickles, and more complex shapes. While it can seem relatively simple to manage, the fairy ring should be dealt with immediately since it can deplete nutrients and grow outward over time.

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Routine lawn mowing and lawn maintenance in Lakeland, Florida is the best way to keep your lawn in tip-top shape. By following the simple tips reviewed above, maintaining a healthy lawn will become much simpler.

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