Having a lush lawn in Plant City, Florida is a fantastic way to boost the appearance of any property. It may take some effort, but the end result will be worth the work. This lawn care company in Plant City, Florida is going to offer some tips below that will help you maintain a beautiful yard.

Know Your Soil Type

The soils in Plant City, Florida can vary from place to place so being up to date with what you currently have is crucial. Being aware of the soil type could potentially boost your lawn’s growth and overall health. When you know what you have, you can supplement your soil’s needs. Some soils may be oversaturated in a certain nutrient, which may possibly reduce the growth of your grass if you use the wrong fertilizer.

Other soils may lack nutrients after a couple of years and may warrant a new layer of soil or even mixing in certain additives. Having the foresight to tackle potential issues will work to your advantage.

Invest in a 3-in-1 or Mulching Blade

Why should you invest in a 3-in-1 or mulching blade? A  mulching blade is one of the best and most environmentally friendly ways to dispose of your lawn’s clippings. A mulching blade may initially leave your lawn looking a little less clean due to the grass clippings. But, your lawn will thank you for the natural fertilizers you are providing. You can spend a lot of money on chemicals over the life of your lawn. A safer and better way for you and the environment is to use your own clippings. The cost of the blade is recouped by eliminating the cost of many additives.

Safeguard Your Lawn from Wildlife

Plant City, Florida is home to all sorts of animals, some of which can, unfortunately, damage our beautiful lawns. Examples of the more common types of wildlife in Plant City, Florida include voles, raccoons, and skunks. While it may be challenging to remove them from your property, you can take some steps to aid yourself without harming them.

1. Make Sure Your Lawn Is Clean

While you might scoff at the idea of a small piece of food causing big problems, you can be assured that your snacks will become gourmet dining to your local wildlife if they get a whiff of them. Always pick up any food that finds its way off your plate and onto the ground. Removing those little motivations will help ward off the little critters from finding a new home underneath your lovely lawn. 

2. Repel Them with Lawn-Safe Tools

Although you would not want a literal tomcat or horned owl to use your lawn as a hunting field, you can scatter their granulated scents on the grass. Using certain repellents and urine granules to mimic the natural predators of voles and skunks can be highly effective. That said, if you want to opt for an alternative solution, you can also try using motion sensor lights to spook them away when they get too curious.

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