With nice weather comes the desire to get outdoors and enjoy the Florida sun — and if you have a lawn, it’s important that you know how to mow your lawn for the best results. How you mow your lawn will determine not only how it looks, but how healthy your lawn is overall.

Are you looking for some tips on how to achieve a perfectly manicured finish for your lawn? This lawn mowing company in Lakeland, Florida is going to provide some tips below.

Know What Type of Grass You Have

Not all grass is the same. Before you start mowing, you should know what kind of grass you are dealing with. You can usually figure that out based on your lawn’s color and texture.

Some of the most common Florida grasses include St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia (all warm-season varieties), as well as centipede, carpetgrass, and buffalo.

When Should You Cut the Grass?

Maintaining a lawn is no easy task, especially in a tropical environment. However, there are some things you can do to make sure your grass does not turn into a weed-infested jungle. Specifically, your lawn mowing company in Lakeland, Florida will recommend cutting it frequently enough so that the grass blades don’t get too long (over an inch) before you mow again. This allows for proper air circulation and sunlight exposure, preventing lawn diseases.

Basically, short grass is healthy grass.

The Most Common Tools for Lawn Mowing

Although lawnmowers come in many different shapes and sizes, there are two basic categories of mowers you are likely to encounter when visiting a home improvement store — push mowers and riding mowers.

Push mowers typically have one or more large wheels (some have three), while riding mowers are pulled behind a lawn tractor. With a push mower, you will need to push it along by yourself, while with a riding mower, you sit on a seat attached to its chassis and guide it with the steering wheel. Because push mowers are less expensive than riding mowers, they are a good choice for those on a budget or who only need to maintain only a small area of grass. However, push mowers can be more work since you will have to do all that cutting yourself,

A professional lawn mowing company in Lakeland, Florida may also recommend buying some sort of grass catcher for your mower — these devices collect clippings so they don’t end up all over your yard when you dump them out after cutting your grass.

How to Sharpen and Change a Blade

Most professional lawn mowing companies in Lakeland, Florida will recommend sharpening your lawn mower’s blade every month or so to keep it in good working order. This is somewhat easy to do — all you need is a flat surface like concrete and sharpening tools.

Start by loosening the bolt that secures your mower’s blade, so it rotates freely. Then, remove any rust from both sides of your blade with a wire brush or fine-grit sandpaper. Sharpen one side of your blade with a file or grinder until it is nice and sharp; repeat on the other side. Make sure not to overdo it — you don’t want to make your blade too thin.)

When you think you have it just right, test your new edge by slicing through some old rags or cardboard boxes. If they cut easily, you are done. If not, go back and work on that edge some more. Once your blade is sharpened up, tighten down its bolts and wipe off all traces of metal filings with a clean rag before putting it away.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your lawn is important if you want it to look perfectly manicured. If you do not maintain your lawn, your grass will start to grow out of control and become an unkempt mess that you won’t be able to deal with. For the best lawn care practices, remember these tips on mowing a lawn to keep your grass always looking its best.

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